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Top 10 Favourite Cartoon Movie Characters

Hello lovely people!  Today, I am in a mood of doing top 10 things of anything that I can think of.  For this post, it will be cartoon characters.  Now, my rules for this list is simple:

1) The selections are based on my taste and opinion.  Not other's.  So, it's okay if you have different opinions, no need to shout or get angry ^_^
2) The cartoon characters must come from a movie.  I need to narrow it down to just movies otherwise I'm gonna have a hard time choosing only 10!

Well, now that we get that sorted out.  Time to do the countdown.  Oh yes, I must warn you...THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.  So, turn around if you don't wanna know anything.  Also, I can't say these characters will remain to be my top 10 forever, it might change in the future.  So, as of now, these are my favourite cartoon characters:

10.  The Sandman from Rise of the Guardians

I know, he doesn't even talk!  Hey, you gotta admit, this is one badass guardian.  For someone who speaks through pictures made from sands floating on top of his head...he is extremely powerful.  Not to forget, Pitch needed to get rid of him in order to get all the kids to stop believing.  It is only after Pitch got rid of him, that the lights on the globe started to go out.  He is peaceful by nature, but he is not someone that you wanna mess around with.  I guess that is one of the reason why I like him.  He lets action do the talking for him.

*image taken from Google Image

9.  Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon 

Is it weird that my list started with characters that don't speak?  LOL.  Toothless, who doesn't love this guy?  He is adorable!  Not only adorable and funny, but he is one loyal companion.  In How to Train Your Dragon 1, he risked his life to protect and end up to be caught by the villagers when Hiccup tried to explain to his father that their thoughts on dragons all these years had been wrong.  He risked flying and fighting against that big alpha dragon because Hiccup needed him to be by his side.  What about in the sequel (scroll down if you don't want spoilers!!), he is such a good friend to Hiccup.  He challenged the alpha dragon to protect Hiccup.  He broke out from the "dragon spell" -- I don't know how else to say it, anyway, he broke out from that because of Hiccup.  He gained his strength to snap out of it, for Hiccup.  He is very loyal.  And he keeps Hiccup safe!

*image taken from Google Image

8.  Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians

Before Rise of the Guardians came out, I always thought Jack Frost was the enemy of Santa Clause and a villain.  Well, at least that's what I hear.  I don't celebrate christmas, and I don't really know much about Christmas tales.  So, I never really know his true nature.  However, Rise of the Guardians gave a new personality to Jack Frost.  Why I love Jack Frost?  Because like me, he is lost, he doesn't know what's the purpose of his existence, he doesn't understand why no one can see him, and he doesn't know what he did wrong to deserve that.  Somehow, I can relate to that.  I'm sure there are a lot of people who can.  When you find a character that you can relate to, it kinda makes you feel connected to the character.  When they have their happy ending, you will be happy, and will hope for the same thing to happen to your life one day.  Sounds silly, but, it keeps me know what I mean?

*image taken from Google Image
7.  Pocahontas from Pocahontas (Disney's Classic)

Pocahontas, in my opinion is such a responsible character, at least through Disney's portrayal of her.  I am never sure of the true historical background of Pocahontas.  I've read some article about the real stories of her, I know she was way too young for John Smith when they met, which was not how Disney put it in the film.  Nevertheless, I am not sure if the history told by people are accurate.  That is pretty much the case with all the history we learn today.  It's hard to tell what really happens unless you're there.  ANYWAY, back to the topic, I like Pocahontas because she is a responsible young lady.  She chose to stay with her people, because she knows that it is something she needs to do.  I respect that, she didn't run off to go with the handsome guy, she chose to be useful and helpful to her people.  Way to go Pocahontas!

*image taken from Google Image
6.  Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon

So far, four of my cartoon characters come from two movies.  Hahaha.  I guess I like Hiccup for the same reason I like Jack Frost.  I feel relatable to Hiccup's dilemma in life.  In the first How to Train Your Dragon, he was never looked as a hero, as a matter of fact, he was kinda the outcast of the entire village, he had no friends, no one trust him to do anything noble.  Then, life started to change for Hiccup when he met Toothless, he found his purpose...and I like how he stay true to what he believes in even though everyone is against it, even his own father.  While in the sequel, he is definitely more mature, but he has a different conflict now.  Everyone looks at him as a hero, he is his father's pride.  However, he just didn't feel like he has what it takes to lead, or even to be a hero.  He was just not too sure if he was born to do such a thing.  In other word, he was kinda lost.  Which is relatable to us, there is some point in our life where we just questioned our purpose in life.  It is part of growing up.  I love how his character develop from this boy, who was an outcast, and met an incredible dragon, and ends up being a hero.  Just like most of us, he didn't know about it from the beginning, he figured it out as his life unfolds before him, which is relatable.  So, I like him for that ^_^

*image taken from Google Image
5.  Ariel from The Little Mermaid

It is really hard for me to explain this one.  I guess one of the reason is that I have liked Ariel since I was a girl, that it feels natural for me to include her in the top 5.  Ariel is a person with curiosity, she wants to explore the outside world, she wants to venture beyond the water of the sea.  BUT, she feels stuck, because she's a mermaid, and she can't venture out of the water of the sea.  The whole love at first sight thing with Eric was not the reason why I like Ariel.  I like Ariel for her adventurous spirit, for her desire to know more about the unknown rather than being afraid of it.  I like how she fought for her dream against Ursula, rather than waiting to be rescued by a prince.  There is a lot of quality in Ariel that I admire.  Ever since I'm a girl, I admire her personality as well as her beauty.  She's the reason I asked myself if there really is such thing as mermaids.  She makes me wonder of the unknown possibilities of the world!

*image taken from Google Image
4.  Alice from Alice in Wonderland (Disney's Classic)

Alice in Wonderland is by far my favourite story of all time until today.  I fell instantly in love with Alice when I watched Disney's Alice in Wonderland.  I love the version by Tim Burton.  I watched some low budget movie of Alice in Wonderland.  I bought Alice's Adventure in Wonderland and Through Looking Glass.  I just love Alice a lot.  Ever since I'm a little kid.  I didn't fall in love with Disney Princesses...I love Alice.  Mostly because of how imaginative she can be.  Also, because how imaginative Lewis Caroll at creating Wonderland.  Just like Ariel, Alice is a very curious little girl.  She got into that rabbit hole because of her curiosity.  Also, she seems like a very brave kid.  Put me in Wonderland all by myself when I was a kid, I would probably cry until the Red Queen cut off my head because she can't stand it anymore!  Not to forget, to watch a Disney Classic without any love at first sight scene?  Without them breaking into some romantic song to symbolize their love?  That's pretty cool!  I mean, sure, there are other movies that don't have romantic interest, such as Dumbo and Pinocchio, but Alice is a girl...who didn't fall in love with a guy at first sight!  She was just being a kid, by being curious and wanted to know what the White Rabbit was late for.  I mean, that's pretty much what I was thinking when I was a kid.  Hahahaha.

*image taken from Google Image
3.  Merida from Brave

A Disney Pixar movie done right!  First of all, I love her hair.  Secondly, my weapon of choice has always been bow and arrow, even though I have no idea how to use one.  So, from there, you can see why I'm attracted to her.  Then, there's the Scottish accent, and most of all, the attitude.  She is no sit-and-wait-for-the-prince-to-come kind of princess.  She can kick some ass and she will do it all by herself.  She is among the most independent princess of Disney Princesses ever!  She says NO to arrange marriage.  She wants to have the power to decide her own path in life.  She wants her life to go her way, and not in some weird tradition that take away her freedom.  Yes, she made some mistakes when she turned her mother into a bear...BUT, she learned from it, and fix it!  I like that.  She represents girl power!

*image taken from Google Image
2.  Mulan from Mulan (Disney's Classic)

I think, after you see my choice with Merida, it is no surprise that Mulan will come next.  She went on a dangerous journey, just to keep her father safe.  I mean, just when you think she can't get any more noble than that...she went on and save China!!  She doesn't need a man to keep her safe, she keeps the men safe!!  Now that is something to look up to.  Just like Merida, she doesn't have any love interest...well, of course only towards the end of the movie.  HOWEVER, there's no romantic love song or love at first sight kind of thing going on because in her mind, is to survive pretending to be a man.  Not only was she putting her life at risk, she was also putting the honour of her family at risk by breaking one of China's law...which was Women are not allowed to dress as men.  I know, discrimination towards gender was every where in that era, but Mulan proves to the whole country that she can fight better than men, and that just breaks the norm of gender division.  Well, at least to me.  Hahaha.  Nevertheless, she is a hero to her country.  And she didn't need to be a princess to do it too.

*image taken from Google Image
Now....for the moment we've all been waiting for...

*drum roll*

1.  Woody from Toy Story

Oh yes.  You've Got A Friend In Me!!  I love this guy.  "I've got a snake in my boots"  hahaha.  Not only I love how Tom Hanks's voice just fits into the character of Woody.  The personality of Woody himself is pretty cool.  Of course, in the beginning of Toy Story, Woody made a horrible mistake through his envy with Buzz.  But, what I like most is how he realizes what he had done, and how we will not stop at any cost in setting things right.  He is a good leader, as well as a good friend.  He makes sure his friends stay safe, he was Andy's best friend.  I mean, Andy wanted to take him to college for goodness sake!!  That's how much Andy loves him.  That's how much Woody means to Andy.  Another reason is because I grew up with Toy Story.  You can say that I am around Andy's age, and we grew up together.  So watching how Toy Story develop, makes me feel like Toy Story is part of my life, Woody himself, is part of my life.  No kids these days can understand and love Toy Story the way me and people of my generation feel for all three movies of Toy Story.  None of the kids these days will understand why some of us cry when Andy left those toys with Bonnie at the end.  They can say how sad it is, or how they can say how they can relate and understand it...but no, they won't understand it and feel it like we do.  They won't understand how we feel when Woody waved goodbye to Andy.  Because, not only was Woody waving goodbye to Andy, but he was waving goodbye to us.  We grew up with Toy Story, we grew up with the same amount of years believing toys do come to life when we're not watching.  We all love Woody.  Woody is one of the character that represents my childhood all the way to my college life, that is pretty much the first half of my life.  For that, he deserves to be at the top spot of this list :')  Thank you Woody...

*image taken from Google Image
So, there you have it.  My list of 10 favourite cartoon characters.  Honestly, there are a lot of great characters out there from movies.  I grew up with Disney, so, maybe that's why most of the characters here are from Disney movies.  Nevertheless, there are many more great cartoon characters out there :)

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