Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Transformer: The Age of Extinction

To be completely honest, I won't even bother to include any spoiler, well, up to you to look at it as a spoiler or not.  I personally don't think them as spoilers.  I was not much of a fan of Transformers.  I was not even interested to watch it, but my sister and brother-in-law wanted to watch it, and they asked me to come along, and since I'm not paying for the ticket...why not, right?  So, I went there.  What I can say about the movie?  Nice effect....and that's it.  *ugghh* I can't stop yawning throughout the movie!  The movie is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long.  I think they can wrap up the movie in two hours.  Instead, they wanna make it into three long hours of agony!  There are too many characters that could've been more significant...but was not.  Like that Asian girl, I can't remember her name...that was how badly her role was highlighted.  She could've played more role, but all she did was doing some action and ask Joshua to go to the rooftop.   Not to forget those dinosaur robots, they deserve more scene...don't you think?  What about the other four autobots?  Sad, just sad.  Then, there are some characters that won't make a difference if there are not even there.  Such as, that British blond woman...I don't even remember her name because that is how insignificant her character is.  SHE DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!  Then, there's Megatron.....WTF WAS HE EVEN DOING THERE?  His only purpose is basically to create some fight scene...AND to lead the movie into another sequel...which seriously, after this movie...YOU DON'T NEED ONE ANYMORE!!  This movie...has effects...but NO STORY.  If it's shorter, then maybe I can sense some story line...but no, it's three hours long, I can't feel the story is moving anywhere.  After two hours, I can't stop looking at my watch and asking my sister: "When will this movie end?"  Seriously, save your money people.  If you want to watch it...just wait until it's on HBO or something. your money.  But hey, this is just my opinion.  If there are people out there who love it, then I respect that.  Unfortunately for me, it feels like watching someone playing video game...and that person was playing it terribly =_=  My rating from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best?  Maybe 3.5/10.  Mostly because of the CGI and Optimus Prime...not much on anything else.

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