Sunday, September 07, 2014

• Simpsonized •

About two weeks ago, I discovered this page in Facebook called the "Professional Cartoonist" and he did artwork of people in cartoon style.  He does many styles, from The Simpsons style, to Futurama style, Family Guy...and other styles.  It is, of course, not an artwork you can expect him to do out of generosity.  I totally understand that, being in the art community, I get how people always expect us to do things for free as if we have a magic tree that grows money.  So, in spirit to support artists, I ordered one.  I ask him to Simpsonize me.  Being a fan of The Simpsons for my whole life, it feels like the right style for me.  The Simpsons was born in the same year as I did.  So, we're the same age.  Hahaha.  There are different rates for the kind of photo you want him to stylize.  I paid for the most basic Simpsons style, which cost $10.  I sent this photo as a guide for him:

So, after I made my payment via Paypal, I was told that the portrait will be ready in 10 days.  So, I thought, okay, I can wait that long.  Calling myself a professional-musician-to-be, I always thought among of the important criterias to be a professional doesn't always rely on skills alone.  You need to have punctuality, be true to your word, have a good attitude, be decisive, and many more.  So, of course, I have the same expectation for anybody who calls themselves "Professional" of whatever they are doing.  So, about 7-8 days from my purchase, I got in touch with him in Facebook, and asked him for confirmation if I will get the picture soon.  He replied, yes, I will get within 2 days.  After the 3rd day....still nothing.  I was like...okay, punctuality seems to fail.  Never mind,  I thought, everyone deserve a second chance.  I asked him again when I will get the picture.  He said "delivery this night" and I thought...okay, so he was a little late.  Forgivable.  After two bloody nights...still nothing.  Now that just pissed me off and gave me the wrong idea.  It is one thing to not keep your words....twice, but another thing to make me wait.......TWICE!!  I mean, I paid for the service that's suppose to be finished within 10 days.  I don't care how many orders you have, I don't care if you have to sacrifice your sleep to get it done, but GET IT DONE WITHIN THE 10 BLOODY DAYS THAT I PAID FOR!  I don't care how many people out there who thinks I'm being unreasonable.  This is the reality of the art industry.  May it be painting, digital designing, music, theatre, dancing, fashion designing, filming, culinary...anything at all...this is the reality of it.  The reality is:  there are so many people that are freakishly good, that you can't give excuses like "I need more time" or "I'm busy" because there will always be people out there who wants to cut you off.  If you don't want that to happen, you have to bring the game and bring it right...Every. Single. Time.  There is no room for error.  You have to nail it majority of the time.  As harsh as that sounds, that's the truth.  Unless you have earned a world class recognition of your work, there is no way you can afford to make the smallest mistake.  Talent alone is not enough to get you far, you need the skills, the discipline, the attitude...the whole package.  It must be there.  

So, getting back to the topic.  After he failed to keep his words...twice.  I sent another long message, asking him to get it done...bla bla bla.  And he replied, asking me to be more understandable, coz he has lots of orders...and PROMISED ME TO DELIVER WITHIN 5 HOURS.  I mentioned earlier, you snooze you lose in this game.  So, the fact that he asked me to be understandable...WITHOUT apologizing for the delay, really just made things worse with me.  The cherry on top of it was...after 24 hours since his last message...STILL NO F*CKING PICTURE!!!!!!!  You had the nerve to ask me to be understandable...and left me waiting....FOR THE THIRD TIME!!!!!!  Don't tell me to calm the fuck down, that's just not acceptable.  He does not own to the name "Professional Cartoonist" that he claims himself to be.  NOT EVEN CLOSE!!  So, I told him, that he broke his promises with me...THREE TIMES!!  And how this is not considered as professional...AT ALL.  So, yes, I was pissed.  In fact, I deserve to get my $10 back, and still get that photo.  That was how pissed I was.  Finally, after the long wait, and many negative thoughts...he finally deliver the picture.  This is the end product:

So, what do you think?  Personally, I was too pissed off to be impressed.  I might be impressed in a few days.  So, I'm going to save it for later.  Hahaha.  Truthfully, I was hoping to still have the sunglasses on my head, coz that's the reason I gave a picture with sunglasses on my head.  Kinda hoping my top looks more similar too...rather than plain splash of grey.  Looks like I don't have any arms too.  Like I said, I am not in the right zone to be impressed.  Overall, it looks okay.  Wish it's better.  Will I recommend this to other people?  Well, I don't think he is bad as a cartoonist, I mean, I do like his works.  HOWEVER, due to the other side, of what happened.  I will not really recommend, BUT, I will not say don't try it either.  More like..."Do it at your own risk."  At least he's not a fraud...he just has problems with punctuality and keeping his words.  So, if you feel like you can pay this kind of people...then by all means, do contact him.  If you want to see more of his can visit his page ---->  Professional Cartoonist

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