Saturday, October 18, 2014

L'Elisir d'Amore • The Review?

Hey y'all.  I played for an opera last week, took me awhile to write about it, but here goes.  On October 8, 9, 11 and 12, I played for an Italian opera performance by Donizetti known as L'Elisir d'Amore (The Elixir of Love).  It was organized by a production known as Eat, Sing, and Travel, a.k.a. EST.  The first word to describe my experience to be part of this project is: fun.  Yup, I had lots of fun, not only that, this is my first experience playing for an opera.  Which teaches me a lot and widened my experience as an orchestra player.  We practiced for nearly a month, and that is only the orchestra.  The singers rehearsed for at least 6 months, if not longer.  Just imagine the amount of dedication all those wonderful people put to make this opera a success.  Of course, it wasn't perfect, but still, it is so rare to have local musicians put together an opera performance.  In Malaysia, we might say musicals are the common staged acting.  So, I salute the people of EST for turning this into a reality.  I hope they will get the recognition that they deserve, and mostly, don't stop doing this.  Make it something annual, make people look forward for what you are going to do the next year.  I'm sure one day, you will get the support that you deserve :)

I was actually called into this project quite at the last minute.  Originally, I wasn't suppose to play, but then, someone couldn't make it for some of the rehearsals, so he called me to replace him.  For someone who loves playing in orchestra with zero experience in playing for opera....of course I said yes!  And I'm sure glad I said yes because the experience has been great.  Played in an orchestra with amazing people, I had some great laughs, I felt good throughout the process.  It was definitely an experience that no money can buy.  You can definitely take that to the bank ^_^

Here are a few pictures from the opera that was held at Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPac).  May I add, that DPac is such a cool place to go to.  It's small, I admit, but still, I just like how everything looks there.  Nice place ^_^  Also, I didn't really take any of the pictures, I took all these pictures around Facebook.  So, I absolutely take no credit for any of it.

I absolutely love working with all these people.  Aldrich was my desk partner, and he was definitely an entertaining guy to sit next to.  LOL.  Also, we planned a surprise birthday for Nasirah who turned 22 on October 12, which was also the last day of the opera.  How convenient, right?  Have to give credit to Aizat for planning the surprise, it's nice for anyone to have a friend as thoughtful as you are Aizat.  Just thought you should know that...if, you are reading this, which I doubt it, but who knows, right?  Last but not least, thanks to both Juan Montoya and Jae Sern, the two leaders that I looked up to throughout the project.  It is always wonderful to be able to work together with both of you, and the fact that I got to work with you both on the same project was a bonus.  Haha, you guys are awesome.  The whole orchestra was amazing ^_^  Well, I think I should stop now.  Until next time, toodles~

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