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Lately, there are a lot of issues of misunderstanding in Malaysia that is just so suffocating.  It reaches to the point where even when I'm ignoring it, it just keeps coming back to my face.  I wish people just stop.  Like, seriously...STOP!  What I'm seeing is, two sides of people, who refuse to look at the situation from a different perspectives, who refuse to be understanding, and just go about against each other that they are right and that is all there is, everything else is wrong.  You know what is seriously time to grow the fuck up.  For someone in my position, it is really hard for me to explain my views, and my understandings of the situation.  I am the type of people, who always choose to see things from more than one perspectives.  I always try to understand the situation of people from every side.  I may not necessarily agree to their thoughts, but I should at least try to see the situation from their side before making a conclusion.  That is just my way.  Which is of course, not very common here in Malaysia.  I am a Muslim, I am a Malay, and I am not ashamed of it, but what I am ashamed of is how people are behaving around the issues in Malaysia, particularly Malaysians.  One of the issue I'm talking about is, the "Touch a Dog" event.  Muslims in Malaysia are following Mazhab Syafie, where it is stated that we are not to touch wet dogs, or not to touch dogs for fun, or not to have dogs as pets, but we may have dogs as a guard for house or farm, etc.  Even if we do get in contact with a dog's saliva for example, something wet, then there is a way to wash this that includes water and clean soil of the earth :)  

In the Islamic world, there are four of this Mazhab.  Some Mazhab actually allows Muslims to touch dogs.  So, I feel like the non-Muslim Malaysians should know that before jumping into ANY sort of assumptions.  HOWEVER, what Muslims in Malaysia should really try to understand is the difference between the behaviour of people attending that event, as well as, the real purpose of that event.  Growing up in Malaysia, adults around me took the easy way of explaining to me about not to touch dogs, which is by planting fear and hatred towards dogs.  Which is wrong, because dogs are amazing and smart animal, I love dogs.  A lot of Muslim children in Malaysia are taught to hate and fear dogs since they began to learn about the animal.  Because of this, dogs don't have a good reputation in Malaysia.  Which is sad, because a lot of people are missing out on this wonderful creature.  Also, because of this, Malays tend to be abusive towards dogs, is it their fault?  They were taught to hate and fear this animal since they're kids.  So, the purpose of "Touch a Dog" was to change the perspective, to take away the hatred and try to create some sense of respect towards the creature.  On top of that, abusive towards dogs also occurred among the non-Muslims society, so this event is also trying to create awareness to the non-Muslims as well that this animal should be treated with respect and love, and not to be abused.  In my opinion, this event is for a good cause, it's for a good reason, and not asking Muslims in Malaysia to touch dogs just for the fun of it.  So, I am not against this event.

Now, what Muslims that are against this event need to understand is, that a lot of Muslims who attended this event, came because they wanted to touch dogs for the fun of it.  That is when everything start to get heated up, and this whole issue just started to get boiled up.  People just mixed up the difference between the purpose and the behaviour.  Can this event be handled or organized in a more efficient way, in a way that won't stir too much controversy?  Absolutely.  Can the reaction of the people who are against this event be more rational?  Absolutely.  Can this conflict be settled like educated adults?  Absolutely.  But is that happening right now?  Absolutely NOT.  Like I said earlier, it is really difficult for me to explain my point of view on this because I can understand both sides, and both sides are right and wrong at the same time.  Which is the reason why it is so suffocating for me because they are just too much hatred between people that just refuse to just calm down, be a mature adult and try to understand each other's situation.  

I have always known Islam to be a religion of peace and love.  Whatever happens with every thoughts around me, I always keep the "peace and love" as the main thing.  Any actions that fail to represent those two, are not doing this religion its justice.  And that basically a global issue for this religion now.  I always know that we are not to start a war, not to have a war unless we have no other choice because the lives of the people are being threatened, we are not to kill people who are unable to fight regardless of their religion, not to harm women and children, we are not allowed to force people to convert to Islam, we are not to throw insults to other people regardless of their religion, and so much more that shows how this religion is about peace and love.  So, what irritates me the most, is the harsh comments that these so-called good Muslims throw to the Muslims who touch dogs on that event, as well as to the non-Muslims who want to defend the organizer.  I read those comments and I am ashamed at the level of rudeness that they have. These people are suppose to be examples of a religion that strive for peace and love, which they failed miserably.  They randomly point fingers, throw insults, give extremely idiotic and irrational comments, and they claim that they are the better Muslims?  I have never realized that there are extremely a lot of narrow-minded people here in Malaysia.  Also, same thing goes to the supporters of this event.  Muslims or non-Muslims alike.  If you don't know the history or the rules, then don't go and make statements like a smart-wannabe-person.  Don't embarrass yourself, don't make a fool of yourself.  If you want to comment on such a serious matter, then make sure you do it intelligently, and avoid making yourself looking like a complete A-holes, this clearly goes to the other side as well.  Even for Muslims who support the "Touch a Dog" event, can't you be more adult in your arguments?  Do you really have to make irrational statements that will only make matters worse?  You have that brain for a reason, make a good use of it.  Same thing for the non-Muslims, I am very very sure that each of your respective religion teaches you about peace and love as well.  Even if you don't believe in God, or even if you believe in God but don't believe in religions, I'm sure you want positive outcomes from this as well.  You cannot expect to get positive results by projecting negative energy.  Don't give me the "oh, but they did it" crap because those are for kids.  You grown up people should know better about being the bigger person.  Someone has to start.  If everyone keep pointing fingers and expect a positive outcome out of it, then keep dreaming.  In the words of the late Michael Jackson; "I'm starting with the man in the mirror, I'm asking him to change his ways, coz no message could've been any clearer, if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and make that change."

What you give, you will get back.  It's a simple concept.  Give out positive energy, so that positive outcomes may come out from it.  It might not happen immediately, it might takes months or even years to happen, but just know that it will happen.  It really is not that big of a deal, people just have to be more understanding with each other.  Stop burning the issues with hatred.  Start to deal with respect and understanding.  I believe if people do that, then there's a way to make that event a success without causing too much of a drama.  I am not what you call the "ideal" good Muslim, I can admit that.  I don't have a wide knowledge on all the rules, but I do keep "peace and love" as my guidance in order to do the right thing.  And I'm sure everyone has the intelligence to do it just that they are so ignorant and so fearful of different opinions that they start to treat people with different beliefs as people less worthy from themselves.  Malaysians are great people, I went to secondary school where the majority of the people are Indian and Chinese, I went to UiTM for my diploma and got to know more of the Malay community, I completed my Bachelor in UCSI where in my course, more than 90% of them are Chinese.  Believe me when I say...Malaysians are great people to be around.  You just have to learn to respect different opinions.  This goes to people of every race and religions.  Stop looking at people with different thoughts and belief as the bad people, try to open your mind.  This is the 21st century for goodness sake.  Stop being friends only with people of the same race as  you are, explore the many wonderful things about being Malaysians.  Malaysia is rich in diversity, but it is sad when the people fail to experience it.

Now, what I wrote here, are completely my opinion.  I will not say it is right, but it is what I believe to be right.  If you have a different perspectives, then it is completely fine.  You have the right to believe in your own opinions just like I have the right to believe in mine.  And it doesn't make any of us less of a human.  Differences of thoughts and opinions are among the things that make life colourful.  Appreciate it, and stop being judgemental of people with different thoughts, but rather try to make them understand your opinions with respect.  It is not wrong to disagree with someone's opinion, but learn to disagree respectfully.  I think I have talked a lot.  I haven't posted a long written post for quite awhile.  So, I hope you somehow enjoyed reading it.  Until next time, toodles~

here's a cookie, just to brighten things up a little.  Haha.
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