Sunday, November 02, 2014


I know, "judgementality" is not really a word.  I just don't know how else to describe the behaviour of judgemental people.  I believe that being judgemental is human nature.  I mean, what I'm doing right now could be considered as judgemental...towards the people who are being judgemental of other people.  Sometimes we just can't help it, sometimes we don't even realize that we're being judgemental.  However, what we choose to do with our judgemental thoughts are our own choice.  Do you want to be all public about it?  Do you only want to keep it to yourself?  Or perhaps you only want to share it with a few people that you know really well.  Whatever it is, just know is your choice.  Do not blame the group of people who you are judging for the reason of your judgementality.  Maybe what they do is wrong, maybe their beliefs are not entirely to your cup of tea, or maybe you don't like their taste in music or fashion...whatever your reason might be, please, be responsible of your own thoughts and don't blame it on others.  I always hear the phrase "you only see what your brain wants you to see" and I believe that it is true.  That is the reason why there can be different opinions based on the same subject.  I will not say do not be judgemental, what I am trying to say is, be responsible of your judgemental thoughts.  If you want to go public about your judgementality, make sure you know of the consequences that you might have to deal with, and make sure you will be able to handle it responsibly.  Also, make sure you express your thoughts with respect.  Know that just because there are people with different opinions from you, don't make them any less of a human from you.  Don't downgrade people with different preferences from you.  Most of the time, the situation that I see is either (a) someone gave a criticism on a certain subject and people with different opinions failed to understand that as an opinion and decided to take it too personally and caused a heated arguments, or (b) someone gave a negative and harsh criticism on a certain subject, people with different opinions disagree on their thoughts, the person who gave out the criticism failed to understand that it is just a different opinion and take it too personally and be all defensive.

This is what happen when you are too focused in the "you only see what your brain wants you to see" zone instead of just expanding the view, and look at the bigger picture that can allow you the ability to see things from different perspectives.  It doesn't necessarily means that you need to be neutral all the time, you can have your preference, but once you see the bigger picture, you can also understand why there might be other people who don't share the same preference as you.  You need to know, that it is okay to "agree to disagree," it is okay to have different opinions from other people.  The world is not made up of people with the same brain.  Just imagine how dull life will be if it is, we will all be like robots.  We are born with our own thoughts.  It is a great gift in life, and it is also a powerful tool in growing up.  The act of judgementality is a common thing.  We have all done it before, deny it all you want, but we have all done it.  The moment you say things like "I don't understand how people can....." or "I don't get some people...." or any similar thoughts, you are being judgemental.  Like I said, it is human nature, and it is not necessarily wrong.  What makes the act of judgementality wrong is when we choose to do something with it, and not be responsible enough for it.  Which is obviously such a common thing to happen these days.  A lot of people still fail to understand the idea of "agree to disagree" and because of that they feel like they are being attacked when someone disagree with their thoughts.  It gets even worse when someone already start to get all defensive with you for disagreeing, and you being caught up in the moment start to get all defensive as well, and just add more petrol to the fire without you even realizing it.  I know I have done something like that before, and now that I think about it again, it does makes me feel like an idiot sometimes.  Maybe because I was an idiot for doing so, but, I am a human, I learn from past mistakes and always strive to be a better person.  I just wish that everyone can do the same, regardless of your age.

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