Saturday, November 01, 2014

Life's Little Joy

Happy Halloween everyone!  I know, I'm a little bit late, but better late than sorry.  Haha ^_^  I don't really celebrate Halloween, but I do enjoy watching people dressing up as characters for this day.  It's entertaining, and plus, I get to see people's creativity as well as imagination.  I find it so cool.  However, today, I will go to a Halloween party.  Not only it is my first ever Halloween party, but it is also my first ever costume party.  LOL, I know, I'm lame.  25 and never been to a costume party?  How lame is that?  Well, like I said, I don't celebrate Halloween, and costume party is not really a "thing" here in Malaysia.  So, I never really got the chance to dress up.  I honestly don't know what to be, I will just do it very mildly.  Haha, so it still kinda look like me, but not really the usual me?  I don't know.  LOL, we'll see.  This is fun, dressing up for Halloween might be a cool thing to experience.  Life's Little Joy for me ^_^

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