Tuesday, December 02, 2014

My Trip to Myanmar

Last week, from November 22 - 29, I went to Myanmar for my fourth year of ASEAN-Russian Symphony Orchestra (ARSO).  It was my first time in Myanmar, I arrived in Yangon, had our first concert there, then went through a 7 hours journey to Nay Pyi Taw for a second concert there.  After that we went back to Yangon and I go back home to Malaysia from the Yangon airport.  It was very nice to meet my friends from last year; Saw, Thuzar, Satya, Emerald, Belle, and Chi.  Even Thant from ARSO 2011 in Bali joined us this time, she's from Cambodia.  It was also nice to see some of the Russians that came back to play again this year.  Myanmar, what a city, what a culture.  Very interesting to see!  I love Nay Pyi Taw during this time of the year.  They have winter wind, which means at night, it's very cold and refreshing.  I LOVE IT!  I went to a few pagodas, I didn't get to go to Bagan, too bad, I heard that place is beautiful.  

In the sense of the concert, I am not too keen with this year's concert.  I don't know why, but feels like we were more prepared last year when we performed in Brunei.  Maybe coz everything is quite last minute this year, and everything is not well organzied, so it feels messy and doesn't give that satisfaction.  Oh well, it was still good memories to go again this year :)  Really happy to see my friends again.  Picture time!

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