Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

Today (or yesterday since it's passed midnight), I watched the final part of The Hobbit trilogy.  As a long time fan of Middle Earth, I have been waiting for this for a long time.  I expected that I will cry at the end of the movie...but I didn't expect to cry uncontrollably.  My tears were just streaming down like a fast flowing river.  Now, I must explain that the reason I cried was not because the scene was extremely sad, the reason I cried because I that moment, it was a farewell.  That's the last of it.  That made me cry.  I guess because I've grown into what I am today, a person who is very passionate about film making and film scoring...all thanks to The Lord of the Rings.  The Hobbit brought me back to those memories, reminded me how I was when I was a kid, through my teen years, until now at 25 year-old.  It has been 13 years since The Fellowship of the Ring...I remember how I fell in love with Middle Earth immediately in the cinema.  I didn't know back then what the story is about, I didn't even know who J.R.R. Tolkien until Peter Jackson introduced me to him through these films.  I am forever grateful to Peter Jackson for that.  I admit, The Hobbit trilogy cannot match the impact that LOTR trilogy had on me.  I still love LOTR more than The Hobbit.  However, I love to be able to see on screen the history that leads to the legendary story of LOTR.  I know, a lot of people dislike The Hobbit for being too different from the movies.  I love the book, but at the same time I love the movies.  I know the films of The Hobbit is to serve as a prequel to LOTR and it is suppose to create a huge arch from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey all the way to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and I can see the relation, and I love it.  

Coming to the movie that I watched today (or yesterday), I love it.  Maybe you can call me bias because I love Middle Earth so much, but I really do love it.  It doesn't feel rushed or dragged, it feels like everything is in the right pace.  I love the character of Thranduil so much in this movie, I like his aura and his energy.  Also, I love Richard Armitage's performance as Thorin.  I like the subtle change of character that he had when he talked to Bilbo in the midst of his madness towards the gold.  You can really feel that he trusted Bilbo...more than any other dwarves in his company.  You can see that he really cherish the friendship between them.  You can see the hurt in his eyes when he felt betrayed by Bilbo, you can see the guilt in his eyes when he regretted what he tried to do to Bilbo (at that part I cried a little because it was just so moving).  Thorin's character developed so much through the three films and the best part is that it changed organically.  Also, I love how the character of Legolas developed, and I love so much to see him in action during battle.  I love how this move connects him to Aragorn.  It made me calculated Aragorn's age at that time, hahaha.  During the time of Lord of the Rings, Aragorn was 87.  And the event of Battle of Five Armies occurred 60 years before that, so I'm guessing Aragorn should be 27.  Wow, so young.  Hahahaha.  Also, I love to see Saruman, Galadriel and Elrond in action, of course, they were not part of the war, but their part link the story of Sauron into The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Not to forget, I am absolutely grateful that Christopher Lee lives long enough to complete his role as Saruman.  I really do.  Thank goodness for that.  He is the perfect Saruman, I can't imagine anyone else playing Saruman except him.

I will not leave out the scoring part.  But then again, what else can I say?  It's Howard Shore.  He pretty much owns the music of Middle Earth.  I have to mention, that I love how he included the theme from The Lord of the Rings into this Hobbit movie to create more sense of connection between The Hobbit into The Lord of the Rings.  It's amazing.  Especially the part when Thranduil mention something of Aragorn to Legolas (sorry for the spoiler, can't help it), then the theme of The Fellowship of the Ring came into play in the background...OHMAIGOD! THE FEELS!!  It was amazing.  I love it very very much.  I know at some point it felt a little cheesy because it's looks like too much of a the "trying too hard to be a prequel" bit came into place.  But, I gotta say, I love it.  Coz it brings me back to LOTR even more.  

This is a long review, hahahaha.  It is my opinion and I am a huge fan afterall.  Anyway, if I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best....I don't know...I wanna give it a 10 because I really do love it so much.  But then again, I know that will be a fandom rating.  Hahahaha.  So, I'm not really going to rate it properly, I leave it up to you to go watch it and decide for yourself.  Of course, if you don't love LOTR like I do, you will not understand why I feel the way I feel.  Or, if you have not watch the 5 films before, then you will not feel how I feel it.  So, don't expect too much to get the same feeling as I do if you are not a fan.  But still, I think it's a great film ^_^

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