Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Yesterday, on February 19, I watched Kingsman: The Secret Service with my friends.  I have been waiting for this movie to come to Malaysia since I first saw the trailer last year.  Mainly, I want to watch this movie because of Colin Firth.  He is among my top favourite actors.  From the trailer, I can tell that this will be one of those action spy movies with a dash of humor in it.  That what I expected to see, what I didn't expect to see....was how amazing this movie going to be.  

It is really hard for me to describe what makes this movie so great.  I'm guessing because it stays to the style of British movies rather than trying to be the typical Hollywood movie with endless explosion and destruction of the city.  Don't get me wrong, there is still explosions and stuff, but small enough to not make it over exaggerated.  I mean, these British people not only dressed like a gentleman, they even fight like one.  I know it is all choreograph, and this is just a movie...but still, you just can't help but to be in awe with the fight scene.  They fight like a gentleman...and I am saying that in an awesome way.  

Now, I have a favourite quote from this movie coming from Colin Firth which says "Manners maketh man."  To see Colin Firth in his age now, dressing up in suit, fighting like a true badass gentleman, makes him so irresistible.  Hahahaha.  I know, a lot of people love Taron Egerton, the guy who plays Eggsy.  I mean, he is cute too...but Colin Firth is just perfection.  Haha, I don't know why, I think he looks amazing.  As for the humor, the funny bits really show you the classic British humor, I don't want to give anything away, so you have to go and watch it to understand it.  

The music, fits into the movie like a glove.  It even brings out that British flavour of the movie, kind of enhance everything even more.  Also, the music fits into the action scene surprisingly really well.  So, kudos to Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson for doing an amazing job with the scoring.  Honestly, I have nothing but love for this movie.  Usually, I always have something that I can point out, or even if I have nothing bad to say, my overall feeling will be mild.  This one, is different, I have nothing bad to point out, and I just can't stop thinking about how great it is.  The flow of the movie is perfect.  I didn't glance at my watch, not even once.  Felt like a lot of things were going on within that movie, but at the same time, it wasn't suffocating at all.  Everything just feels right, so I have to say, good job to Matthew Vaughn for directing this movie to perfection.  Kingsman: The Secret Service is officially the best movie that I've watched so far in 2015.  No doubt about that.  

If I need to say one bad thing about it, it will be *censored to avoid spoilers* !!  Sorry, I just can't spoil anything.  This movie is really good, I will definitely recommend this movie to every living soul on this planet.  Go and watch it.  I rate this movie 10/10!!  The last time I give 10/10 was to The Hobbit The Battle of Five Armies, and that was because I love everything Middle-Earth related.  But this movie definitely earned the 10/10 by its perfection.  Really, everyone should watch this movie.  ASAP.

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