Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Imitation Game

Today, I had a movie session at Mid Valley.  I watched two movies, one of them is The Imitation Game.  I'll write something about the other one in a different post.  I know The Imitation Game was released in 2014 for some (or most) countries.  But it just reached Malaysia this week in February 2015.  It is not what I would say a "mainstream" movie in Malaysia because as far as I know, you can only watch this movie in Golden Screen Cinema.  Again, THANK YOU GSC!  It is really too bad that the other cinemas don't play this movie because I think it is awesome.  Before I go on, I wanna point out a few things.  I've seen some comments in Youtube regarding this movie saying that it is not accurate as the Polish were the one to create the machine for the Enigma.  Well, I want to point out that in the movie, Alan Turing (played wonderfully by Benedict Cumberbatch) did mentioned that his machine was based on what the Polish created BUT he further enhanced and improved it.  I think most people miss out that part, I'm not even sure if they watch it before writing such things.  Another thing that I notice is how people commented on Alan Turing was made to look "straight" in this movie when he supposedly to be a homosexual, and this is because of Joan Clarke.  Look, I have no idea what or where they get that idea from within the movie...but when I watched it, it was made perfectly clear that he was a gay man because it was mentioned consistently throughout the movie.  I do know that they altered the relationship between Alan Turing and Joan Clarke in the movie as I recall Keira Knightley mentioned it in an interview.  HOWEVER, there was no romantic chemistry whatsoever between Alan Turing and Joan Clarke, and I don't think it will require an actual scientist to figure that out because it was so obvious.  The relationship between Alan and Joan was CLEARLY platonic.  Like best friends, you care for them, you will die for them, you will do anything for their safety...but it doesn't create any sexual tension.  From what I see, that is how the relationship between Alan and Joan.  They understand each other, they care for each other, and they love each other AS A FRIEND!  I just don't get how some people take that as romance.  I mean...come's the 21st century, surely you will know the difference between "lovers love" and "friends love" right?  But then again, people always believe what they want to I guess it can't be helped.

Anyway, moving on.  I think this movie was brilliantly written.  It is full of deception really, that is one way for me to describe it.  It makes you questioned on how much that the government tells you is the actual truth from what really happen.  I think the cast ensemble was really good, they all played their characters convincingly.  It also made me feel bad about Alan Turing's life.  He was a hero...and yet no one knows about it, no one acknowledges it...until many years after his tragic death.  Not only that, he was ill-treated as well for being gay.  Now, these are not spoilers, because since this is based on a true story, you literally can just Google search it.  The music, is amazing.  Alexandre Desplat did an amazing job in scoring for this film.  It really captures the brilliance of the story.  I really enjoyed my time watching this movie, and I will definitely recommend it to other people who haven't seen it yet.  It was also quite moving towards the end, I cried :'(  Then again, I cried quite easily, hahaha, I'm a sensitive person, in a way.  If I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I will give this movie an 8.  Really well done ^_^

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