Sunday, March 08, 2015


Today, I had a movie session.  I watched Chappie.  I'm not really a fan of robot movies, and I wasn't really interested to watch this movie at first, but after seeing the trailer, I felt like giving this movie a chance because it looked different.  Chappie is a robot, with Artificial Intelligence, meaning it pretty much a human without the human body.  Without giving out any spoilers, I can say that this movie has some strong messages.  It shows that there is good and evil in every human being.  Just because the person is being perceived as "evil" by the society doesn't mean he/she is not able to do good, and vice versa.  It all depends on the perspective that you choose to believe in.  That is pretty much explains how in life, something that we feel is right might be considered wrong by others in certain circumstances.  The fact that this message was successfully delivered to me through the life of this robot named Chappie, is pretty remarkable.  It also brings out the cruelty that comes from envy, and fear.  How you can let yourself do something absolutely horrendous when you are envious of other people's success, or how you let yourself hurt others because you are afraid that by giving them a chance seems like a harder thing to do because it is the unknown result.  It also brings out the cruelty of taking advantage of someone who is naive, or don't know much about the dark sides of life.  How your greed can turn you into a manipulative person and lie to someone who comes with pure intention at heart.  This movie also showed me about acceptance.  Chappie is truly a movie that carries a lot of strong moral values.  It is a matter of being able to notice it while you're watching it.  I must also add, seeing Hugh Jackman as the villain was definitely refreshing.  He was so bad that I just want to punch him in the face the whole bloody time.  That pretty much means he did a good job at being the bad guy.

I must also mention about the music.  Hans Zimmer did the scoring this time, now, I always thought that Hans Zimmer's music sounds identical.  If you listen to Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Sherlock Holmes for example, you will see that all of them sounds similar.  Almost like from the same movie, because I remember watching Sherlock Holmes and went "why does the music sounds like Pirates of the Caribbean?" midway through the movie, and realized after that it was Hans Zimmer's work.  HOWEVER, his works for Chappie this time don't really sound identical because he used a lot of electronic kind of sound to have that robotic effect, so that kind of changes the timbre of the music a little bit.  I found that rather refreshing really, it is nice to be surprised for a change rather than realizing the composer halfway through the movie.

Overall, is this movie great?  Yes, I would say so.  It didn't really reach my emotional expectation, because when I watched the trailer I thought this will be one of those deep emotional movies that can make me cry.  But no, I didn't cry, there were some emotional moments in there but I won't say THAT emotional.  It's not mind-blowing, but at the same time just enough to make it a good movie that will be worth your time and money.  So, I will definitely recommend this movie to people.  The fact that it has so many strong moral values, I think it is a must see.  If I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I will give this movie a 6.5 ^_^

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