Thursday, March 12, 2015


Today, I had a movie session.  I watched Cinderella.  I was not very keen in watching the movie at first because I felt like the trailer already showed the whole movie.  Then, I thought, maybe there's a plot twist that will make it worth the money.  Guess what?  I was wrong -.-" The movie is pretty much the stretched out version of the trailer.  No surprise elements or plot twist at all.  It was too expected.  These days, I think audience always love a little bit of plot twist from the classic tales.  Or at least follow the version by the Brothers Grimm, which is usually darker.  I know, there's that whole issue about making it G-rated because it's with Disney, so it has to be clean.  I don't really think it should be like that, I mean, it doesn't have to be extremely dark or anything, but at least with a little more creativity rather than the version that we already know so well.  It all felt repetitive, doesn't even feel nostalgic, just repetitive.  Also, I know that the name of this movie is Cinderella, but I feel like the plot is too heavily focused on Cinderella alone.  It didn't do much justice to other characters, for example the stepmother.  I like how Cate Blanchett manage to maintain her elegance and beauty, but add that dash of wickedness to be the villain of the story.  However, I feel like she is not really a villain at heart, only the plot was made for the audience to believe that.  Of course, what she did to Cinderella was wrong, but, I feel like there's pain behind those actions that she wanted to hide.  Too bad the movie failed to let the audience understand the stepmother even further.  Even in the beginning of the story, I didn't really see her as a terrible person, and at the same time, throughout the movie, behind all her wrong doings towards Cinderella, I can feel like there is pain behind it, only that she release the pain in the wrong way.  I'm not saying there are good reasons behind the stepmother's actions, perhaps there is, perhaps not, depends on what you choose to believe, all I'm saying is that I wished the movie at least showed a little part of her that becomes the reason of her wrong doings.  I believe that all villains in fairy tales, they were hurt in the past, and they just can't let go of that pain and resulted them to do wrong things.  I guess I am always fascinated to see and try to understand their part of the story so at least I can have a little sympathy or empathy for them.  Or at least look at them from a different perspectives.  Then of course...nothing of sort.  Then we have Helena Bonhem Carter as the fairy godmother.  Now, even Helena's character was too small.  I don't know, I feel like there could be more of her.  I know, the fairy godmother is the narrator of the movie, but that's not enough, there should be more to the fairy than just prepping up Cinderella for the ball.  This movie feels a little flat for me overall, even the music doesn't seems to impress me much.  There are some parts of the scoring that I actually like, but overall, it's pretty ordinary.  A little "too nice" to my taste.  I would prefer some plot twist or at least tells the story from many different perspective rather than Cinderella alone.  She is the main character anyway, people will be rooting for her, so why not shine some lights to other characters so that people can be more understanding for the whole plot.

Will I recommend this movie?  Nahh, you might as well just watch the trailer and that is pretty much it.  The only thing that is better than the movie was the Frozen Fever at the start of the movie.  That was a cute short movie.  I wished that was the main movie and they just play the trailer for Cinderella instead.  But I'm sure someone will upload the Frozen Fever at Youtube.  So, you might as well just wait a little longer.  If you really want to watch Cinderella, then just watch the Disney Classic cartoon version of Cinderella.  I prefer the animation one more than this one.  If I am to rate this movie, I will this give movie 4.5/10, if it wasn't for the Frozen Fever, I'd probably give less than that.  Haha.

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