Monday, March 16, 2015

Ed Sheeran Live in Kuala Lumpur

Since it is over 2am, I guess I have to refer to this event as "yesterday" now, haha.  Okay, yesterday, I went to Ed Sheeran's concert right here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  I have never attended a free standing concert before (I know, I am an orchestral music geek).  So, I thought this will be a great experience for me to try something new for a change.  Not only this was my first free-standing-live-concert experience, I went to this concert alone.  Lone ranger much, huh?  Well, I don't really mind, I just want to listen to Ed Sheeran's music.  To be completely honest, I am not the biggest fan of Ed Sheeran, as in I don't listen to his songs every hour of my life and memorize all his lyrics, however, I do love his music a lot.  He is among a few singers these days that I actually enjoy listening to, and that is a big deal because I hate most singers these days.  Well, I don't hate them, I just hate their music.  Anyway, let me get back to the topic, what should I write as a first-timer attending this kind of concert?  

1.  The bloody cue
Okay, I kinda know what I'm getting myself into by not being there at least 5 hours earlier.  I was there 2.5 hours earlier and my goodness, the line of people waiting to get in was....over 1km long.  I am not kidding.  I was sweating by the time I got to the end of the line.  I expected it to be long...but not THAT long.  Geez, I feel like such a noob at that time.  Hahaha.

2.  The Waiting-For-The-Concert-To-Start Agony
I was standing outside from the long line since 6pm, and by the time I got in the hall it was 7pm, and the concert started at 8:30pm, and I was standing the whole time.  I didn't sit down at all until I got in my car after the concert ended.  For real, true story.  I don't mind standing while watching the concert, but waiting for the concert to start was definitely tiring with all the people trying to sandwich you or push you so they can get in front of you, or people who think they have space the size of a football field around them by moving so much that they knocked everyone around them and they don't even care because apparently, they were the only ones that paid to watch the concert *sarcasm* and not to forget people shoving their phones to your face because they want to find the perfect angle for selfies =.="

3.  The Tall People
Okay, this is no one's fault.  I am quite a tall person myself, so I'm sure there are people behind me who wanted to chop my head off.  But seriously, all I see was heads, heads and more heads.  It's even worse when a person with the size of two of me stood in front of me.  Completely covered the whole view of the stage.  I admit, this is probably my fault for not getting myself as near to the stage as possible.  Lesson learned.  When the concert started and they all raise their hands to the least the lights were pretty.

4.  The Smartphones Addict
The difference between live concert such as this during the era before smartphone and today was that back then, before people use smartphones, people attend these concerts and actually were in it, as in they were in the moment, enjoying themselves with the band that was performing life for them.  Today, people attend these concerts, but they are not "in it" as in, they are not in the moment, because they are too caught up with their phones.  Literally, they tried to record the whole concert with their phone.  I can say more than 50% of the time they were looking at the concert through the screen of their phones.  Why?  So you can show off to your friends later?  So you can watch it over and over?  Listen, there is a huge difference when you actually keep your phone and actually enjoy the performance rather than getting so worked up at getting the right angle to record the performance.  I don't mind if you want to take one or two pictures, but after that, just keep your phone and be in the moment.  You paid nearly RM300 to attend the concert and you watched it through the screen of your smartphone?  Really?  Not only that, your phone is blocking the view of people behind you and because of that, other people might not be able to enjoy the concert as much as they want.  To show you what I mean...this was my view...90% of the time...

*took this with my own camera, this is what I saw most of the time
That girl, literally tried to record the ENTIRE concert rather than just watch the concert and enjoy Ed Sheeran's singing.  All I wanted was to look at Ed Sheeran and enjoy his singing, and dance to his music while I'm at it.  Again, lesson learned...get as close to the stage as possible.  

5.  All Hail The Big Screen!
With all those smartphones in the air, thank goodness for the big screen.  At least I still get to see Ed Sheeran's face.  The screen didn't really show his face all the time, sometimes they need to play the visual backdrop to go with the music, but still, thankful for those big thing.

*as you can see...endless amount of smartphones trying to record the whole performance.
6.  I Hate Teenagers
It just happened that from where I was standing, there was a group of super inconsiderate, selfish, annoying teenagers who think they know Ed Sheeran better than everyone else there.  Even if they doesn't give them the excuse to behave like assholes!  First of all, they were not suppose to be standing where I was, they came in late, and they just pushed their way through until they can't go any further, which just happened to be right next to me...unfortunately.  Then, despite them "pushing" their way through the crowd, they wanted to have fun in the most inconsiderate manner.  I get it, you can't stop fan-girling over Ed Sheeran...but if you really are such a big fan of his, you will be lining super duper early to get to the first row, not showing up late and rudely push your way through like you own the hall.  Also, you want to have fun, I get it, so do everyone else who paid for the ticket, but they kept hitting other people, one girl kept jumping and always landed on my feet or her head knocked my face, or her hair got into my face, and she was holding a sign that always hit other people's head or covering other people's view, believe me....everyone told her to keep that fucking sign away....but of course, being an inconsiderate selfish brat, she decided to just ignore it and continue to block the view of everyone around her.  Not to forget one of her guy friend just kept trying to push me aside, kept shoving my shoulder really hard while dancing...such a jerk.  I, of course, stood my ground, no way I'm letting a whimpy kid like you push me around.  You wanna have fun...fine, but don't be disrespectful towards other people.  It's rude enough that you selfishly pushed your way to get to where you were, and then you wanna go and spoil everyone else's time?  Fuck you kids.  That's right...Fuck you to hell.  I hope karma will not only come back biting you in the ass, but pretty much burn your soul.  Yes, I am THAT annoyed with them.  Luckily, I have high level of tolerance, so I control my temper, because I was there for Ed Sheeran, so I decided to only focus on him.

7.  Ed Sheeran is a One Man Band
It's true, he is amazing.  He is the lead singer, the backup vocals, the lead guitarist, the rhythm section, and so on.  He did everything.  All thanks to the technology that allows you to record and loop something, so he can just create his own groove on the spot and keep it at loop.  Not to forget that his voice is amazing, he can definitely sing live.  Not easy to find singers who can sound exactly like their recorded singles.  Most singers these days rely too much on auto-tune.  So, it's nice to see a singer that can actually sing at live concerts.

*one man band
It was definitely something for my first time experience for a free-standing concert.  Despite all the annoying things that occurred, I did enjoyed the performance very much.  I am very grateful to actually got the chance to watch Ed Sheeran live in Kuala Lumpur.  At least now I can tell people that I have seen Ed Sheeran with my own eyes.  Will I ever attend any more concert such as this?  Only with really good singers like Ed Sheeran!  And of course, with proper planning, hahaha.  I think I'd rather wait 5 hours earlier rather than dealing with all these people who try to record the whole show with their phones, or all those annoying signs that blocked the entire view (seriously, I think the event management people should banned those stupid signs), or those annoying-inconsiderate-selfish-assholes that always push you just because they're late.  So yeah, definitely a better planning is needed if I am ever to watch a concert like this again in the future.  I don't know when, because it's really hard for me to like a singer.  Ed Sheeran is among the rare ones that I actually enjoyed a lot of his music, and not just a couple.  So, we shall see in the future if there is ever a singer that come to Kuala Lumpur that will be worth standing for.  Hahahahaha.  Well, that is all I have to say for now.  Until next time, toodles~

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I lose it bila hang tunjuk sea of smartphones.. haahhhaa very witty writing i love it!