Monday, March 23, 2015


Hello!  I watched Insurgent today.  I wanted to watch it during the opening weekend, but couldn't find the time to do so.  I didn't really watch Divergent until last week, because it was aired on TV, at Astro.  After that I thought...why not, let me just try and watch Insurgent to see what happens next.  I don't really know what to say about it because it will give out too much spoilers.  Hahaha.  Mainly because I have a lot of questions.  I haven't read the book, so I don't know if the books are also full of holes or only the movies left me with so many questions.  I'm guessing it's done on purpose to make us watch the next one.  It's not about cliffhanger, believe me, I can barely call Insurgent a movie with cliffhanger, the ending is pretty concluded.  But the stories and plot, I have so many questions about the characters, about who they are and their relations, which seems to be so unclear in both Divergent and Insurgent.   I kinda have a feeling that I should read the book...but at the same time...this is the kind of movie that I kinda want to watch the movie first before reading the book because I don't want to know the ending just yet.  I know, you probably say "just read the first two books and save the third book for after the third movie" but I can't really do that.  My curiosity will just be too much to handle.  So, I guess I might have to wait.  Even though some "genius" on Facebook already say what will happen next after Insurgent.

Anyway, this movie overall was okay.  I won't call it epic, but I think I prefer Insurgent more than Divergent.  I'm not sure if I will say Insurgent is better, but I guess there are more things that interest me in Insurgent.  However, there were parts in Insurgent where I got a little bored, in the middle of the movie.  Not bored to death or anything, just that it was a little draggy that my mind start drifting about what to do after watching this movie.  I even ended up checking my phone and reply a text.  So, usually when that happens it means I lost interest a little.  Haha, however, the ending kinda picked up the pace again and definitely got my full attention towards the end.  Which probably made up to the whole draggy part.  

I must say, I like seeing Kate Winslet as a cold-hearted villain who believes she's doing something for the greater good.  Kinda reminds me of the real-life politics in pretty much around the world.  I also like her accent in this movie series, I even forget that she's British sometimes.  Maybe because I don't hear American accent everyday, so it sounds convincing enough for me to believe that her character is American.

Oh well, overall this movie was okay.  It has its good moments and some flat moments.  Will I recommend you to watch Insurgent?  Only if you've seen Divergent.  If you haven't seen the first one, I don't think it will do you any good to watch Insurgent.  If I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I will give this movie a 5.5 ^_^  It didn't get too high for me, but pass.  Hahaha.  Until next time, bye~

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