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Today, I want to talk about a couple of things that have some injustice in the story, and are currently quite viral in the social media among Malaysians.  The first thing, is about the case of illegal racing that involves 6 Myvi cars that killed a married couple and their baby who were not part of the race, leaving their two other daughters immediately orphans without any mother or father.  There are also statement that defended the 6 Myvi cars that they were not racing and the "rumours" are untrue.  Truth be told, I'm not sure if they were racing, but even if they weren't, they were definitely speeding.  Give any excuse that you want, but the fact that a Myvi car can hit another car to the point that caused death...just proves that the impact was very strong and can only be achieved when a car is moving at a very high speed.  If those people that took three lives actually walked out of this as "not-guilty" then there is something wrong with the world.  You can say that this incident is not completely their fault all you want...but it doesn't change the fact that part of this is still their fault.  They were speeding, there is no way the car of the victims can be flipped and caused them their lives if no extreme speed was involved.  However, this is not the injustice that I want to talk about, well, not the only injustice I want to talk about regarding this case.  Currently, there are some protesters going against Myvi cars.  Now, I am a Myvi driver myself and I personally think this is stupid.  Why are you protesting against the cars?  You should be protesting against the drivers!  The cars didn't do anything, it was the driver that crashed the Myvi car, it was the driver that raced illegally using Myvi cars.  I bet this will give a bad name to Perodua as well.  Look, not all Myvi drivers raced illegally, and Perodua clearly did not organized the illegal race either.  This race happened based on the decision of six irresponsible drivers who drive Myvi cars.  The Myvi cars didn't decide anything.  The drivers did.  So stop protesting against Myvi cars because that just prove how absolutely stupid you are.  Blame the drivers, not the type of car they drive.  Honestly, I'm not surprised if some of the protesters are Myvi drivers themselves -_-" Seriously people, if you want to protest against something...put some thoughts into it and be smart.  Not turning yourselves into a joke.  As history already showed us, there are always those extra idiot people who will go to extreme, and this can lead to some idiots to do an act of vandalising random Myvi cars that they see just in the name of "justice" to go against the 6 irresponsible drivers.  Where's the justice in that?  What did those Myvi cars that you vandalised did to you?  Did the owner of the random Myvi car that took part in the illegal race?  Do you know how many Myvi cars out there?  So many!!  You can't be serious about protesting against Myvi cars, who did nothing wrong whatsoever to do incident.  I said it just now, and I say it again...IT IS THE DRIVERS THAT YOU SHOULD GO AGAINST, NOT THE TYPE OF CARS THEY DROVE!

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End of first issue, and this will lead us to the second injustice issue that I want to talk about that is currently viral in Malaysia.  Can any Malaysians out there guess it?  I think you might, it's quite easy's the issue that involves MARA and Nur Fitri Azmeer.  If you don't know the story, you should Google search it somewhere, but I will just summarize it here.  Nur Fitri Azmeer is a student from Imperial College London under the sponsorship of MARA.  Pretty much means the government is funding him to study abroad, which is....a privilege really because not everyone get that kind of sponsorship.  However, he was caught to be in possession of more than 30,000 images and videos of child pornography.  In other words, he's a peadophile that was caught by UK authorities, and currently serving a five-year jail sentence in the UK.  Now, leading to the issue that makes it that MARA wants to give him a second chance and still fund his studies in any MARA institutions locally.  Look, I believe in second chances, I really do, and I do think at one point of his life, he deserves a second chance...but, second chances is something that you need to earn...not give away to people like birthday present.  I do believe he deserves another chance to finish his studies...BUT at his own expenses.  I don't see the reason why MARA still needs to fund him.  Why?  Because he's smart?  There are plenty of Malaysian geniuses out there and most definitely can serve the country so much better than Nur Fitri Azmeer.  If you've read my previous post in the blog, you can definitely know that I personally can feel the injustice in this matter.  I've been calling banks, writing letters, enquiring online...countless of things that I did to find some study loans to study abroad and to know that MARA just want to spend more money on a peadophile is painful.  Why? Because apparently he is a "national asset"?  That is just mind-blowing.  I'm speechless really.  Let the guy earn his second chance by himself, let him get back up on his feet on his own, let him fund his own studies.  You can give him moral support if you want, but seriously, stop this injustice and give the money to someone else.  There are more deserving people out there who are smarter and a lot more talented and a lot more deserving than that guy...give the sponsorship to them!  Heck...give it to me as well so I can further my studies in UK this year.  I don't know...I don't really know what else to say, it's just unfair...

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What say you on these two issues?  You have any brilliant thoughts that you might wanna share?  Do let me know ^_^  Until next time, toodles~

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