Tuesday, July 21, 2015


So, today I went to watch this movie.  I usually like to watch movie on the release day, but since I was celebrating Eid Mubarak with family, so I had to postpone the desire to go to the cinema.  Before I watch this movie, I heard some good reviews from people, but I try not to keep my expectation too high because I notice all Marvel movies have the same concept in the plot.  I think pretty much all superheroes movies are like that.  Anyway, I went to the cinema, watched it, and I must say...it's pretty good.  I enjoyed it quite a lot.  At least they don't destroy the whole city in order to save it, so that's different.  Don't get me wrong, there are still some destroying going on throughout, but...in a different way.  I like the relation from this movie to other Marvel movies mainly The Avengers and Captain America.  I like the humour as well, it's pretty funny.  In short, it's pretty simple...the storyline is straightforward, it's not too elaborated.  Which works well because making it too complicated will just make the movie either too draggy or become too much to handle.  

Scoring wise, I think it's pretty standard with pretty much other Marvel movies.  It has the same energy, which kind of make sense because all the movies are kind of related to each other, so having the scoring similar keeps the relation between the movies stronger.  I also like the intention of Scott Lang in becoming the Ant-Man for his daughter, at least it gives different values to the general feel of the movie, because it gives you different perspectives or priorities on why he took the job as Ant-Man.  I see it, as rather than doing what's right for the world, he just does it because it's what's right for his daughter.  Which is nice, makes it more personal and not too heroic.  A nice touch, no?

Anyway, it's an enjoyable experience.  I wasn't completely blown-away because like I said earlier, Marvel movies are pretty similar.  The reason I follow it is because I want to understand the whole Marvel world.  It's like a bigger scale of TV series.  You have to watch all the episodes to make more sense of what's coming next.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie very much.  If I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I will give this movie a 7.5.  I don't know how I come up with the .5 rate but that's just how I feel it should be.  Hahahahaha.  Oh, one more thing, if you haven't watch this movie and are planning to watch it soon, there's two end-credit scene, so you will have to wait until the whole credit ends before you get to see the second end-credit scene.  It shows you about something that will lead into Captain America 3.  

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