Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Unreachable Unity

I want to type out my opinions regarding a controversial issue that is currently taking place in Malaysia.  It is the Low Yatt incident.  To those who might not know, there are some racial controversy between the Malaysian-Malays and Malaysian-Chinese over a smartphone.  Yes, people are going crazy over an incident that started out with a smartphone and somehow turned into extreme racism between the two races that I mentioned earlier.  Me being myself, I am always on the fence until I am sure of the truth.  However, lets face it, I don't know if I will ever know what really happened on that day.  There are many versions of what happened, but there are two versions that I see all over my Facebook.  The first version will be two Malays stole a smartphone from a shop that runs by Chinese, the two got caught, and sent to the police, the police made a mistake by releasing one of the Malays and the one that was released called some Malay gangster group and made up a story saying the Chinese are selling them fake smartphone and they were only trying to get an exchange.  This caused riot and a few Chinese who has nothing to do with the incident got injured just because they are Chinese.  The second version is probably the flip side of the first version.  Which is the Chinese sold fake smartphone, refused to make an exchange, and were being harsh to the Malays, and threw racist comments which caused the riots and now the Chinese are saying that the Malays are trying to steal their phones to cover things up.  There are a few other versions, but lets just go with these two.  The police made a statement that the first version is the one that really happened and was caught on CCTV, but now people are saying the police are just saying that so the rioting stop...possible, I can't deny that.  Meanwhile, the attorney of the Malays are saying that the second version is the truth because that's the statement of the two Malays...assuming that they're not lying...then it's also a possible scenario as well.  

Honestly speaking, I don't know which version is the truth.  The police said the act was caught on CCTV, but until I actually see the CCTV footage, I can't say that the statement is true.  On the other side of the story, if the Malays were really trying to make an exchange, there should be a receipt or something as evidence?  Unless the receipt has been destroyed or if there's no other evidence to support that story, I can't really say that what happened either.  So, in a way, the possibilities of both stories being true and/or false...is there.  So, which side should I choose?  None.  I don't want to blindly support a side without knowing the facts and the truths.  I don't want to choose a side just because I'm a Malay, or because I have a lot of Chinese friends...if I want to choose a side, I want to choose the side of justice.  Regardless of the race, if it's wrong...it's wrong.  That what justice means.  What bothers me is how this incident just become out of control and turned into acts of racism from both Malays and Chinese of this country.  Again, I'm not going to choose side, if I want to bash someone, I will do it to both sides, and if I want to support someone, I will do it to both sides as well.  The hard truth is...that a lot of Malaysians are racist.  You can't deny it, regardless of your race...Malaysians are racist.  I'm not saying  all, but there's a large number of racist Malaysians out there.  I've heard all races saying bad things about other races.  On top of that, I even heard a Malay says bad thing about the race of Malay, a Chinese saying bad thing about the race of Chinese and an Indian saying bad things about the race of Indian.  So, say all that you want, we are all the same.  We are Malaysians afterall.  I've always heard Malaysians saying one of the things they are proud of about Malaysia is its diversity.  The multi-racial, multi-religion, multi-cultural country, and yet, here we are refusing to be united as a nation.  Instead, we only want to look at the negative side of people with different skin colour.  

The hypocrisy of racist people will be that they hate other races, but they always end up using or needing the product produce by that particular race that they hate...for example, a racist Malay say bad things about an Indian and hates Indian so much but later that day this Malay go to Mamak stall to eat Chapati or Naan.  Or, a racist Indian saying bad things about a Chinese and hates Chinese so much but then go to eat Chinese food.  Or a racist Chinese saying bad things about a Malay and hates Malay but go and buy Nasi Lemak from a Malay food stall.  Don't you see the hypocrisy of this situation?  If you hate a race so much and don't want to have anything to do with them...why you go eat their food?  Eat your food only lahh!!  (Pardon the Manglish)  I know it's probably stupid to be comparing this situation with food, but hey, Malaysians love food so much right?  Why not just throw in some food into all scenarios.

*photo taken from Tumblr
I consider myself lucky, because I spent my life mixing with people of many races.  I might call myself a Malay, but my grandfather was an Indian man, so in a way, I'm mix.  I was raised as a Malay, I learned music surrounded by Chinese.  During my primary school, I have lots of Malay friends, during high school years, I went to a school with majority of the students to be Indian (let's just categorized all as Indian), and when I went to UiTM for my diploma I was again surrounded by Malays, and during my Bachelor, I went to UCSI where I was the only Malay in my course and majority of the students are Chinese.  Not to forget along the way in my musical journey, I've mixed with people from all over the world.  So, I consider myself lucky to literally be in diversity.  This probably explains my personality now for not putting my race as a priority like the mentality of a group of many Malays out there that was involved with the riot on the basis reason of "We don't care what's the truth, we have to fight for our race even if the Malays ended up the one stealing the phone" Yes, I read the comment in Facebook...in Malay of course, I'm just translating it. 

*photo taken from Tumblr
Let me put it this way...if you want justice, you must understand that justice is determine but what's right...not by what race you should give priority to.  If you don't have a solid evidence to prove your side of the story, then there's a possibility that your story might be false.  A little harsh, but that's how it works.  The problem with the society these days will be that justice are becoming a word that people use to take advantage of in a situation.  It's very difficult to see actual justice in life nowadays.  People always place their version or idea of justice based on someone's gender, or someone's sexuality, or someone's race or religion instead of the plain idea of fighting for what's right in life.  With the current status of today's life, it's not a surprise that you can barely see any real justice anymore.  So, whatever happens later in this Low Yatt case, I'm not surprise if there's some injustice in it.  But my real concern is this:  Is it no longer possible to achieve unity among Malaysians of different backgrounds? 

Can we no longer respect and be kind to each other?  Again, I must say that kindness and respect is not determine by race, or religion, or gender...it is something that comes from the heart, and what comes from the heart only see others as equal...as another human being.  If you only be kind and respectful to people of your own race or beliefs...then you must understand that you are not being kind...you are being prejudice and discriminating, as well as unfair...and not to forget assholes.  Okay, you can argue with me by saying "those people of different races or religions don't respect us, so why should we?" and I must tell you...so what?  Why can't we, as people, as Malaysians, be the bigger and better person and teach them, who are racist and narrow-minded, how kindness and being respectful look like?  Why must you continue the cycle of negativity and keep making it bigger?  To end the vicious cycle of negativity, someone has to stop reacting negatively...someone has to start being positive.  So, why can't you be the one to start?  How to start?  Well, you can start by stop saying bad things about other race.  All of us has good and bad things, we are humans afterall, we all have our good and bad sides.  We become racist when we only focus on the bad sides and start to stereotyping each race.  So, why not stop stereotyping...and look at the good sides of each people around you regardless of their race and religion and gender.  Be kind to them, smile.  Start talking to them with an open mind, get to know them and let them know you.  Set an intention in your heart that you want to create something positive.  Teach younger generations about creating this positive relationship rather than teaching them to hate.  Can't you see how much better this country, as well as the world...will be like if we start to just be kind to each other?  Kindness is contagious...it is, once you do kindness to someone, they will want to do it to someone else.  It's something that we call Pay-It-Forward.  Why can't we make this country and world a better place?  How we are as a nation will definitely make an impact to our economy and politics because right now everything is a mess because people with power are taking advantage of us, the people...because we are not uniting as a nation.  Don't let racist people rule your life, instead, shower them with kindness to the point where the racism will be washed out of their minds.  A lot of people in this country has been brainwashed to hate other races, it's time to wake up Malaysians.  Wake up...and unite!

Look at these cats, they are of different colours, but we only see them as cats...and together, they are so beautiful, don't you think so?
*photo taken from Tumblr
Again, let's throw in some food since Malaysians love food so much.  Look at these doughnuts, they are different but we only see them as doughnuts and each of them taste so good and they all look so yummy in this box together...
*photo taken from Tumblr
Life is meant to be diverse.  Life without any diversity is a boring life.  I for one am not planning to live a boring life.  I want to see buildings of different cultures, traditional clothes of different races, food of different country, music, dance, paintings, and arts in general of the world.  I never want to lose any of these diversity in life.  I want to see and meet and be friends with people with different race and religions and of different sexuality.  Heck, I don't even mind to be in an interracial relationship!  I know a lot of people out there wants the same thing, but there are so many of us out there who are still blinded by things that doesn't make sense.  This country's independence was shared with our ancestors of different races...it belongs to all of us.  This country was...WAS known as Tanah Melayu but that was before colonization time.  Now, this country belongs to Malaysians...MALAYSIANS.  We are our nationality first, before our race.  That's why we call Malaysian-Malay or Malaysian-Chinese or Malaysian-Indian instead of the other way around.  Wake up people...it's time to unite.  It's time for all of us to actually be Malaysians.  Put aside all the differences and start acting like Malaysians.

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