Thursday, December 17, 2015

In the spirit of happiness and love ^_^

Hi everyone :)  Just thought of making a quick and short update.  A few days ago, I recorded an arrangement of mine.  It is a medley of Christmas classics.  I never arranged for violin and piano before, and, I never arranged medley before.  So, two-in-one first experience, so it's pretty cool.  One of my reason for choosing to make an arrangement for Christmas is that lately, I've seen so much tension going on between people of different religions/beliefs, as well as people of different races.  I don't celebrate Christmas because I'm not a Christian, I'm a Muslim.  However, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the festivity and the spirit of Christmas.  Just because I don't follow the true meaning of Christmas as the Christians believe in, doesn't mean that I can't respect them for following it.  I know a lot of people who are celebrating it more as a cultural thing rather than something religious, and I also know a good amount of people who celebrate it for the birth of Christ.  Whatever their intentions are for celebrating Christmas, I respect them and hope that they will have a blessed celebration with their loved ones.

I see a lot of hate, anger and discrimination around me these days on social media with ISIS and people hating on the entire Muslims community because of a group of people who don't even represent the true meaning of Islam.  It is exhausting.  Just like how any good white Christians refuse to acknowledge the KKK, it's the same with ISIS, any kindhearted Muslims will not acknowledge the acts of ISIS as Islamic.  To be honest, religious people, regardless of their religions, are totally fucking up religions everywhere these days.  In my opinions, they are the ones that caused more and more people to turn away from religions.  I don't blame people for turning away from religions because when I look at these religious people, they are so discriminative and shallow minded that it's just suffocating to be around them.  They only see what they want to see, which caused them to be discriminative and not so open-minded.  I'm not trying to stereotype here, because definitely, without a doubt, not all religious people are like this.  But, those that are roaming the social medias are usually the ones that are just too caught up in what they want to see, which is obviously the only thing that they see (which is usually the negative things) that they just ignore the real meaning of their respective religions.

So, in the spirit of happiness and love for this festive season of Christmas, and also in the spirit of going against all the hate, anger, discrimination and other negative things, I decided to make an arrangement which combines five Christmas songs that I'm sure everyone will recognize.  It is an arrangement for violin and piano, as I mentioned earlier in this post.  The violin was played by yours truly, and the piano was played by a friend of mine, Melanie Wong.  I hope you will enjoy our little performance, and hopefully it will give you the jolly Christmas mood that you need this year.  Do give this video a like if you enjoy it, and you can also share it around with your friends and family to spread the Christmas mood.  Have a blessed holiday everyone, and take care ^_^

Have a great Christmas everyone, and to those who are not celebrating Christmas, like myself, I wish you a blessed and happy holiday.  Also, if you are far away from home, like myself, I wish you are surrounded by love wherever you may be or however far away you are from your loved ones.  That's all from me for now, I will see you very soon :)

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