Friday, March 25, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Today is the release day of Batman v Superman here in the UK.  Yes, I've seen it and I am happy ^_^ Now, I have to say that I didn't really know what to expect from this movie, because I know it's suppose to be a big hype, but at the same time I don't want to put too much expectation into it because I don't want to get disappointed.  Mainly because when I put high expectation, it's really high, and that leads to me not being happy about it because suddenly I feel like the movie doesn't reach my expectation.  So, I decided not to expect too much from this movie.

I must say that the movie started off a little slow because they need to set a backstory that can merge Gotham and Metropolis.  Also, since Batman is in a way...a new character to be introduced, so, a short backstory about him as well to give an idea about how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman.  I must say that I did not know that Jeremy Irons will be playing Alfred.  It kind of look like Alfred and Bruce Wayne are around the same age for some reason.  This either means Ben Affleck makes Bruce Wayne looks old, or Jeremy Irons makes Alfred looks young.  My guess is the latter.  Anyway, all these multiple introductions at the start of the movie kind of dragged the flow a little bit, but it picks up the momentum once everything is settled and it gets better from there.  I think the plot is pretty good, I don't want to spoil too much, but it has the superheroes cliché to it, which makes it a little predictable at times.  But I like the plot because it gives some power to the villain, which is Lex Luthor, in having some control that shaped the direction of the story.  I find that to be cool, and that's what I like most about it.

I have to admit, at first I wasn't sure about Jesse Eisenberg being Lex Luthor, but damn, he played it rather well.  Not to forget, the character for Lex Luthor was very well written.  He is truly an evil genius in this movie and there's a moment when I literally felt like giving him a slow clap because I was just impressed with his evil genius mind.  And the energy and personality that was written for Lex Luthor will not work if Jesse doesn't deliver, but he actually did a pretty good job at it.  I enjoyed watching him as Lex Luthor.  Since we are on the topic relating to cast, I have to also add that I think Gal Gadot makes a flawless Wonder Woman.  But for obvious reason, the spotlight is not so much on Wonder Woman, it's just an introduction to her character since she will be having her own movie.  However, I do wish there's more of her, because it's not enough to make me want to see more of her.  Maybe I will change my mind when the trailer for Wonder Woman comes out in the future.  So, we'll see.  Just a little more on the cast, obviously I have to say something about Ben Affleck taking over Batman from Christian Bale.  I personally think Christian Bale is THE Batman, just like how I think Hugh Jackman is THE Wolverine.  But, I think Ben Affleck deliver a good attitude in becoming Bruce Wayne.  I still prefer Christian Bale, but it kind of works with Ben Affleck too.  

The music, is scored by Hans Zimmer.  There are a couple of moments where the music is played by string quartet, at least it sounded like a string quartet, and it was really nice.  I didn't recognized  it, so I don't know if it's a classical piece or if it's written by Hans Zimmer.  But it's really nice, and I definitely will Google it up to know more.  Overall, the scoring is pretty good,  I mean, it has that The Dark Knight feel to it in my opinion.  Which is nice, at least it creates a musical identity for DC Comic movies and not sound like Marvel movies.

Will I recommend this movie?  Yes, if you are into superhero movies.  No, if you're not.  I feel like this is something superhero fans will enjoy but not so much for others.  But hey, just go anyway, you might enjoy it even if you're not into superhero movies ^_^  If I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I will give this movie 6/10.  That is it from me for now, until next time.  Toodles~~

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