Friday, April 15, 2016

Jungle Book

Hi everyone!  It's my birthday today!  April 15 baby ^_^  Shout out to Emma Watson, Luke Evans, and Emma Thompson as well since we all share the same birthday.  Anyway, getting to the point of this post, I just came back from watching Jungle Book.  It's the release day today here in UK.  I admit, before I watched this movie, I had my expectations.  I mean, this is probably the first Disney Classic movie I watched in my life, so I had that expectation to be going through the nostalgic ride, and at the same time to be amazed with the new turn of the plot.  And you know was everything I hoped it will be...and more.  I really love it.  I think it's a brilliant movie. 

Lets start with the nostalgic aspect of it first, we have the song Bare Necessities and I Wanna Be Like You in the film, there's also Trust In Me but it's in the credits roll instead of the movie.  Which is great, two (excluding Trust In Me) of my favourite songs from the animation, I'm sure it's the same for most people which is why they decided to include those two songs in the live action film.  I admit, the placing for I Wanna Be Like You is a little odd and felt out of place, but it's a great turn to lighten up the mood, so it's something that I can accept.  The temple where the monkeys live in looks amazing, almost like in the animation, and all the familiar characters like Bagheera the black panther, Baloo the bear, Kaa the python, Shere Khan the tiger, to name a few.  But the three vultures from Disney Classic are not in the plot of this new one.  There are vultures, but they have no significant roles in the plot.  But I guess it won't be making any sense if they are included in the live action movie, there are enough humour that having the three vultures will just not make any sense.  I can't really get into too much of nostalgic moments because I don't want to give any spoilers, but there are a lot of moments when I was just on the train through childhood memories ^_^

Then, lets talk about the other aspects of this film.  Why do I like this movie so much?  Well, lets start with the animals in this movie.  Mowgli is pretty much the only character that's not CGI.  So, there's a risk there of this movie looking completely ridiculous.  But it's not.  It's so realistic.  The interaction between the animals, how they move, how their fur or muscle move, how they attack or running away, all looks so convincing.  Even the style of living (that's the best way for me to describe it, lol) among the creatures are well presented.  Also, the facial expressions of the animals are not too overly done.  You can still see the expressions of the animals but without losing the animal aspects.  If I want to be picky and point at something, I would say that the size of King Louie the orang-utan is probably a little exaggerated.  That's not a spoiler in case you're wondering, you can see it in the trailer.  I would say that's probably one of the very few unrealistic things about this film.  The others, you'll find out when you watch it.  However, it does works with this movie because it gives him the image of being the alpha male among other primates.  Putting aside the fact that the animals are beautifully crafted through CGI, even the background, the view of the jungle, are unbelievable.  It's like you're really there.  The last time I was this satisfied with graphic technology was during Avatar, so it's amazing to feel this mind-blown again.

Not to forget, the music.  Oh my goodness, the music, I need to find the music.  I love it, it fits the movie really nicely.   The orchestration, the choir, it's so good.  It just fits into the scenes like a glove.  I can feel how the plot intensify just with the help of the scoring.  So, that's an amazing thing to happen.  A big wonderful congratulations to John Debney for scoring this film.  You did an amazing job, and I think you and your team definitely make a big contribution to make this a great film.  

Will I recommend this movie?  Hell yeah!  Especially if you watched the Disney Classic Jungle Book when you're a kid!  I enjoyed this movie so much, I had a great experience watching it.  The overall experience that I get here is enough for me to look pass anything that might be a little off or ridiculous like I already mentioned previously.  If I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I give this movie 8/10.  You should definitely watch this.  Worth the money and time.  I hope I did this movie justice with what I described, and I hope it's convincing enough to spark your interest to go and watch it.  That's all from me for now, until next time.  Thanks for reading...toodles~

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