Friday, May 27, 2016

Alice Through The Looking Glass

Hi people!  I just came back from watching Alice Through The Looking Glass.  It's the release day for the UK.  Now, I'm a huge Tim Burton fan, I loved, loved, and loved Alice in Wonderland that he directed.  After the announcement for Alice Through The Looking Glass came out I was both excited and nervous.  Excited because there's going to be more of Alice and the people of Underland.  Nervous because Tim Burton is producing it, but not directing it.  I was worried that even though he is producing it, it will still lose the Burton essence without him as the director.

I noticed there has been mixed reviews about this movie, and what I am writing here is from my perspective.  Overall, I am happy with this movie, it has simple story line, but carries a strong message.  I also feel like the plot unfolds itself quite nicely.  However, it does seems to lose the Burton essence and became more of a Hollywood-money-making-movie-for-the-film-industry.  In attempt to become epic, it loses the very essence that made the first movie so memorable....the Burton essence.  What makes me in love with every movie that Tim Burton directed?  What makes me immediately go and watch the movie if I see "Directed by Tim Burton"?  One word:  Art.  Burton's films are not about how well it will sell in the theatres.  It's very artistic, and it's very him.  Just look at Edward Scissorhands or Nightmare Before Christmas, you will never see that quality of film from a mainstream movie.  When you see a Burton's film, you see Burton's personality in the film.  He is doing it as an artist, rather than trying to make it big.  That is the very reason why I love Tim Burton.  That is the very reason why he is my favourite director.  That is the very reason why he is the only director that can get me to go to the cinema to watch something that he directed without even caring who's the cast or what's the plot.   If it's Burton...I'll watch it.  Sadly, Alice Through The Looking Glass lost that artistic value, and it did lost the literary value of Lewis Carroll.  

But just because I said that, doesn't mean that it is an entirely bad film.  For what is worth, I still enjoyed it, and I will choose this kind of movie over any superhero movies, every single time.  It carries the message of how we can't change the past, but we can learn from it.  That is indeed a very powerful message because people always forgot about the past and always end up making the same mistakes.  For some reason we allow history to always repeat itself.  For some reason, when we look at the past, we don't learn from it because we are too absorb in thinking about what can be different if we did things differently.  That is a powerful message and I don't know if kids will get that, but I do hope the adults will.  It also shows the message of how something with sentimental value can make us become too attached with the past that we start to ignore the people that matters that are still with us.  

It is also kind of nice to see a little backstory for Iracebeth a.k.a The Red Queen, and her relationship with Mirana a.k.a The White Queen.  Afterall, villains become villains because they were hurt in the past and could not let that go and therefore never truly heal from that wound.  Again, it plays around with time.  Time is one of the characters afterall.  I have to add one last was nice hearing Alan Rickman's voice again.  May he rest in peace.

Will I recommend this movie?  Yes, but with a word of warning:  Don't expect it to feel like a Tim Burton's movie.  Go and watch it as it is, and don't expect the artistic value of Tim Burton.  It is still an enjoyable film, with good values.  I think children will enjoy this film very much, it's not complicated at all.  If I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I will give this movie 8/10.  I know, you probably wonder why I give it so high even though I admittedly said it lost the Burton essence.  The reason I give this movie 8/10 is mainly because I feel like everyone can learn something from the message of this film.  Even though the quality of the film is not Burton, but the message that was carried out from the plot...that is still Tim Burton.  And because of that, I am not disappointed :)  That is all from me for now, until next time.  Toodles~

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