Wednesday, May 18, 2016

X-Men: Apocalypse

Hi people!  I just watched X-Men:  Apocalypse today, it's the release day here in the UK.  I have to admit that I was having mix feelings about this one.  Because, as much as I enjoyed the first two movies, the trailer for this third one just shows the typical "destroying the world in order to save the world" kind of plot.  I still go and watch it because since X-Men:  First Class and X-Men:  Days of Future Past are both good, so I have expectation that the third one will not be a let down.  And I have to say, it is actually really good.  Good enough for me to admit that I enjoy this one more than Captain America: Civil War.  Although I have to admit this whole superhero movies with similar destruction plot is getting a little repetitive but it was indeed an enjoyable film.

Also, I have to admit that my judgement are probably based on the fact that I love it when the key character becomes the damsel in distress and rely on the supporting characters for help.  So, the fact that Professor Charles Xavier is the damsel in distress in this movie probably leads to why I enjoyed this movie a lot.  I'm sorry if that seems like a spoiler to you, but it doesn't really give anything away.  Also, I feel like the connection between each of the characters, and their own personal fights give this movie a really good ground rather than just focusing on just a few key characters.  On top of that, the antagonist, the Apocalypse himself, feels like he is trying to help the world and bring it into order...which reminds me to a lot of politicians these days.  Probably not in the same way as him of course, but the symbolism is there.  Anyway, the plot is in good pace, not too draggy, it started pretty good too...and I have to point out that the music during the opening of the movie was superbly done.  The choir was amazing!  And, the 2nd movement of Beethoven's Symphony No.7 was in there as well.  Out of all the movements of all of Beethoven's symphonies combined, that particular movement is my favourite.  I fell in love with it so much when it was used in The King's Speech, and the fact that it was used here gave me the chills.

And it's also nice to see familiar faces, we see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine but only for a little bit.  Just a cameo really, and Stan Lee made an appearance as always, so keep a look out for him.  Some new characters as well, Storm is finally here, Cyclops, Angel, and it was interesting to see Psylocke as well.  I hope to see more back story on her in the future, if there is anymore sequels coming up of course.  I can't really talk much without giving out spoilers, which is something I don't want to do but I can tell you that I enjoy this movie a lot.  At least now I know why and how Professor Xavier becomes bald.  I will not say it is better than the previous two, but it is definitely at par with the previous two.  I can't really decide which one of three X-Men I like better, probably First Class is still the best to me and this one comes in second followed by Days of Future Past.

Will I recommend this movie?  Yes, it will be better if you have seen the previous two X-Men, but I don't think it is that difficult to follow even if you have not seen the first two movies.  So, just give it a go.  If I am to rate this move from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best.  I will give this movie 7/10.

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