Thursday, June 02, 2016


Hello everyone.  I just came back from the cinema.  I watched Warcraft today.  I don't really know the game, never played it.  I have seen people played it though, but never actually got into it.  So when I watch this movie just now, I have absolutely no idea about any of the characters.  It's not difficult to understand, because I think the film kind of show the direction pretty well for you to have an idea of who are the characters and what are their roles.  I have seen a lot of movies this year so far.  Mainly because I have a part-time job in the cinema, and therefore I get to watch all the films for free ^_^ There has been a lot of enjoyable films this year, some better than others of course, and I have to say, Warcraft is by far the least impressive for me.  I don't know if it's due to my lack of understanding of the game, but I feel like this movie has every potential to be really really good, but somehow it didn't.  Which is a shame really.

It's not a catastrophe,  I won't call it boring, but I won't call it great either.  It's just....meh.  Not something that stays in my mind.  Not memorable enough.  There are some good elements in the movie, I like how the magic really looks like the game, but there's no depth in the story.  The plot is rather flat, even the overall shape of the movie seems to feel flat because of it.  It was a little draggy in the beginning and it ended rather easily and quickly.  Kind of like when you play the game and you can't wait for it to be over so you use all the cheat codes that you know, you get the job done, but it's not satisfying enough.  I feel like if the building up in the beginning was not too draggy, and have more focus towards the climatic scenes and make the leading up to that climatic point more developed rather than just end it without any interesting elements, this film probably would be three times better.  I felt like it was not moving anywhere in the beginning, and then when it was about to have a good ended.  So the arch of the movie becomes more flat and you can't feel the climatic point of the movie.

Although, I have to point out, the scoring for this film was really good.  I think because it comes from a game, and I always feel like games, especially games like Warcraft, have the best music.  So, that becomes a good platform for the film to have a great music.  I especially like the main theme of the movie.  I search the music for the game of World of Warcraft, and yes, I can hear the similarities in the music, but Ramin Djawadi kind of enhanced it and the orchestration created a really epic music.  I just wish the film itself is as epic as the music though.  I'm guessing there will be a sequel, because it was kind of a cliffhanger.  I don't know if I will still be interested for the sequel considering how this one failed to get me hooked.  But we'll see, sometimes sequels can redeem what the first movie failed to do.  Maybe to those people who are huge fans of the game might enjoy this, but for someone like me, I feel like this movie could have been so much better than it is.  I am not saying that it has to be epic and explosive for it to be good, but it is important to have a good development in the plot, which I personally think this film doesn't have.  Here, let me share you the Warcraft theme so you can have a listen:

Will I recommend this movie?  Mehh, I won't say "don't watch it" but at the same time I won't say "go watch it!" to anyone.  It was just not that memorable to me.  It didn't get me, a person who never played Warcraft before, to be interested in the game.  It is not boring to the point of walking out of the cinema, but at the same time it's not fascinating enough for me to say that it's good.  There were some good moments, but not enough for the overall opinion that I have for this movie.  If I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I give this movie 4/10.  The film scoring kind of save my rating.  I really like the Warcraft theme, props to Ramin Djawadi for that.  That's all from me for now, until next time.  Toodles~

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