Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ghostbusters (2016)

Hello!  Today, I watched the reboot of Ghostbusters in the cinema.  From the very beginning when I heard the news about this reboot...I have no doubt that it will not come close to be as good as the original Ghostbusters.  So, I am only looking to be entertained and at the same time hoped to be proven wrong.  Because lets face it, it will actually be really really cool if the reboot can be just as good as the 1984 Ghostbusters.  After seeing it, I must say, I was right, it was nowhere close to be as good as the original one.  But I am not going to be harsh, there are still some good moments in there and I will highlight both in this post without giving out spoilers, as usual.

Let me start with the downside first shall we?  It's a little lame to begin with, you can't turn Ghostbusters into something like Bridesmaids or Pitch Perfect because Ghostbusters is not that kind of movie.  Yes, there need to be some comedic elements but in a tone that will work with Ghostbusters.  Just because you're trying to make it female leads, does not mean you have to change the vibe of the real Ghostbusters that we all love dearly for so many years.  Then, there's the plot, which I think could've been better.  This is not a remake based off the one from 1984, although I can see some hint of similarities, but it's not really a remake from that.  So, in my opinion, I would prefer if the plot is the continuation of the 1984.  Maybe they can come up with something where the team from 1984 decided to retire and over the years, people have forgotten about them, and then these intelligent women discovered it again and bring the legacy back to life.  I don't know, something along that line.  At least there will be a connection to the 1984 one and maybe that will be cooler.  Also, I wish they don't dumb down Chris Hemsworth's character so much.  I mean, I am all about gender equality, which is the reason why I feel that if it's wrong to dumb down a blonde woman, then it is also wrong to dumb down a blonde man.  Have people not seen Legally Blonde?  You can be blonde and smart.  Stop stereotyping, seriously.

But there are some moments that I found funny.  Like I said, I am going to highlight both the good and the bad.  So here are some of the good.  They have some cool gadgets, I'm not gonna lie.  Personally I think the classic thing is good enough, but the newer ones are actually not that bad.  There are some cool fighting scenes, but the one that I would really want to highlight is the appearances of the 1984 cast.  Which is probably the best thing about the film, on top of some nostalgic references to the original Ghostbusters like the green slimy ghost that I conveniently forgot his name, the cute Michelin looking giant ghost, but I must point out that the actual giant ghost of 2016 Ghostbusters looked like Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas but hey, it's just my opinion.  But I have to say, if...the plot of the movie is more like a continuation from the 1984, then probably these people can actually make cameos as their own characters and probably even make a tribute to the late Harold Ramis who played Dr. Spengler and that would've made it even more nostalgic.  But hey, seeing them playing some random people and make an appearance was actually pretty cool too.

Will I recommend this movie?  No, I will however recommend the 1984 Ghostbusters especially (ESPECIALLY) if you have not seen it.  Like, seriously, how can you never seen Ghostbusters from 1984?  I mean, that movie is older than me but I've seen it so many times and still love it.  Okay, probably I'm not the best person to question people who have not seen 1984 Ghostbusters considering I've not seen all of the original Star Wars (don't kill me), but seriously, I would highly recommend you watch (or rewatch) the 1984 rather than this one.  There were some funny and cool moments, but I won't really call it amazing or anything.  If I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I give this movie 4.5/10.  Well, that is all from me for now, until next time...toodles~ ^_^

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