Monday, July 11, 2016

The Legend of Tarzan

Hi folks, I just came back from the cinema.  I watched The Legend of Tarzan.  I think this movie came out last week here in the UK, but I was busy with Eid so I only got to see it now.  I like the animated movie Tarzan, one of Disney's favourite classic for many out there.  Personally, it's not my favourite classic, but it is definitely something that I enjoy watching since I was a kid.  HOWEVER, that's where the misconception starts, this is NOT a Disney film, but Warner Bros.  I personally thought it was Disney at first, until I saw the film.  But no matter, just because it's not Disney doesn't mean it cannot be at par with something like Jungle Book.  When I first watched the trailer last year, I admit I wasn't too sure about the twist they are taking from the classic.  But at the same time, I thought, if Disney can pull off Maleficent with such a twist, there might be chance for Warner Bros to the the same with The Legend of Tarzan.  The plot is basically taking place after Tarzan met Jane, and moved to London and live his life away from the wild, and fate has it that he is required to travel back to Africa and thus unfolds the adventure he faced there.  It's a typical heroic plot.  After seeing the film, I will not say it was bad, but at the same time I will not say it was great.

First of all, I imagine Warner Bros didn't have the same amount of budget or effort or skilled team for graphics like how Disney did with Jungle Book because everything just looked too much CGI.  I don't normally complain about CGI, nor do I like to compare, but I have to admit that this film definitely OD-ed on CGI.  Even the human looked CGI at some point, let alone the animals.  Also, I'm not sure if I like the idea of them trying to make Tarzan (or John Clayton) a superhuman.  I can understand him being stronger than ordinary man because of the way he was raised, but at the same time I think there should be a limit to that and it will be better if he appears a stronger than ordinary mortal man, rather than trying to make him look like a jungle Superman.  I must also point out that I think Samuel L. Jackson's character, George Washington Williams, was pointless.  I feel like he does nothing to the plot rather than being Nick Fury getting lost in the wrong era and act as a small comedic relief to the plot.  I know there's some slavery issue that they want to highlight, and George is suppose to be a black American man who has been through civil war and wanted justice for these Europeans who still try to enslave the native Africans.  But I still don't see much relevance of him being part of the film, the plot can be easily altered and not have him at all and it will barely make any difference.  Also, talking about American, I must say it's weird that Jane is American rather than British. I guess I'm used to always see Jane as a British woman explorer that it took some time to digest that she's American in this movie.  Basically, The Legend of Tarzan is a typical heroic movie where the hero is just this powerful character that can just run through fire and storm and came out with just a few scratch.  

Despite all the things that I pointed out, I still enjoyed the experience.  I didn't get bored, even though it was predictable.  Most probably because even though it's a typical heroic movie, the pace of the plot move rather nicely so you don't feel like it's dragging or rushing to get to the next point.  It is definitely not something I would say great, but at the same time it is not bad.  I would say it was a fairly good film.  Will I recommend this movie?  Meh, I guess it won't hurt for you to watch if you have nothing else to do.  You might enjoy it more than I do, this is just my opinion afterall, just because I said what I said, doesn't mean you will feel the same way too.  I will say it again for the last time, it's not great, but at the same time it's not bad.  A fairly good film.  If I am to rate this movie from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I will give this movie a 6.  That's all from me for now, until next time, toodles~  ^_^

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