Friday, August 05, 2016

Suicide Squad

Hey everyone ^_^ One of my anticipated film of the year just came out in the UK.  I watched this last night with members of staff of the cinema, as part of staff preview.  I was really psyche for it that I even had my Joker t-shirt on just for the occasion.  Now, I have to admit that the media, the mainstream ones at least, and the critics, are being really hard on DC films but are very bias towards the Marvel films.  I'm not saying one side is better than the other.  Despite all of them being superhero films, they have a completely different vibe from each other.  I always find DC films are darker ones compared to Marvel, not that Marvel films are not dark or anything, but I feel Marvel always include a good amount of humour to lighten it up.  That's not so much the case with DC films, there are humour, but at the same time all of them still feels heavy, which I can understand why some people prefer Marvel over DC because not everyone can get into that kind of vibe.  I personally love darker films, not in a scary, horror way, but in a way that is psychologically or mentally dark.  So, I have absolutely no problem with DC films going on the darker path.  I also do feel that DC stories are in a way deeper and more personal, while Marvel, despite similar struggles, it just feels more heroic.  You just can't help but feel that sense of heroism with Marvel superheroes because that is the way they are designed, while that's not always the case with DC comic.  Although, I do wish that Suicide Squad will go deeper and darker but since it is rated PG-13, I guess I will die holding my breath for that to happen.  It is definitely more on the humorous side compared to other DC films, but I will still consider it darker than Marvel films.

Generally, I love this film.  I love the concept of having the group of people that seem like the good guys from public eyes are actually more twisted than the group of people that are being locked up for being the bad guys.  It's refreshing to see a bunch of people who fight for something not because they want to save the world, but for a slightly more personal reasons.  It's refreshing to see characters that are suppose to be the highlight of DC comics are actually at the side of the spotlight and not under it.  I'm talking about Batman and Joker.  You'd expect for these two to take the spotlight if they are in the film as well because it has always been about these two, but David Ayer managed to include them in the film without giving them the spotlight.  Which is nice, I like it.  And since they are so well known as characters, they need no spotlight to be noticed.  I like the cast, I can see good chemistry among them, and I really hope all of them can come back in the future if there is to be a sequel for Suicide Squad or they can appear in other upcoming DC films.  

One problem that I always have with DC films is how draggy they are at the beginning of the film.  I admit, the first half of Suicide Squad is not as draggy as Batman v Superman but you just can't help but feel the plot is moving quite slowly to give as much information as possible to the viewers about the backstory of the different characters in the squad.  However, one thing that I also like about DC films is once the pace starts to pick up, it just got better and better and better and it will just make up every draggy moments in the first half.  That's exactly how I feel about Suicide Squad, it started a little slow, granted that there's a lot of backstory to give.  Once that's out of the way, the plot starts to get to a good pace and it gets really really good, and I have to highlight the scoring definitely makes the film so much more enjoyable to watch.  Also, the music that were used in this film is really good.  Familiar music by Queens, Eminem, and White Stripes to name a few.  The film will not be as good and enjoyable as it is if it's not for the music.  Fact.

There, I tell as much as I can without giving any spoilers.  Will I recommend this movie?  Absolutely.  What you need to keep in mind is that DC films and Marvel films, are really different from each other despite both of them being about heroes.  They have different tone, different vibe, so it really is unwise to expect a DC film to be like Marvel, and vice versa.  If I am to rate this film from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I will give this film 7.5/10.  That's all from me, until next time!  Toodles~

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