Sunday, November 06, 2016

Dr. Strange

Hello!  Wow, I have not update anything in the past month.  So sorry about that.  I have been busy...with life and studies, you know, the usual.  Dr. Strange came out end of last month...I think...or earlier than that?  I don't know, all I know is that I haven't got the chance to watch it until just now, I should say yesterday now because it's passed midnight, lol.  I think I mentioned in some of my earlier posts that when it comes to Marvel films, I will just go and watch it because it's all connected in one way or the other.  This film is not an exception.  It might not relate terribly to least not yet, but there is subtle relation.  Not so subtle in the end credit scene, lol.

I have to admit that I am not familiar with Dr. Strange at all prior to this film, but I kind of have an idea what his skills are about, or powers, or technique, or whatever terms you prefer to use.  I must say that truthfully, the plot moves rather quickly and get straight to the point without any elaborate twist.  I won't mind a little elaboration but it works, because the concept of their skills are already complex that you don't really need to put in twist or complexity to make it interesting.  Sometimes I feel like I was watching Inception with what they can do, but without the sleeping of course.  It plays around with dimensional worlds, time bending, astral projection, enlightenment-ish journey.  It is also interesting to see they "clean up" after their own mess and not destroy the city.  You'll know what I mean if you already watched it, or soon to watch it.  I just don't want to spoil anything.  I do have to say that I wish there's more of "the ancient one" in this film...there's not enough of her, at least I feel so.  I can see that she is a complex character and maybe it's good to keep her as mysterious as possible, but I wish there's more to it than just "the ancient one."  I do feel that some of the characters need a little more spotlight.  Most of them are on Dr. Strange himself, for obvious reason, but just because the film is named after him, doesn't mean it has to only be about him.  Like I said, it moves a little too fast, and yes, I did say it works, in a way, to keep it simple and easy to understand.  But a little elaboration wouldn't hurt.  Maybe they're saving it for sequels, but still, they can always tease us with it.  Makes it more interesting.  I know it's in Marvel's nature to keep the films light and humorous, but sometimes it can get a little bit darker like DC films.  Maybe not as dark as DC (which I'm not complaining), but just give some more variety to them will be a good balance.

Our dear Benedict Cumberbatch made a good Dr. Strange, don't you think so?  He has the right physique, vibe, and character for it.  I also have to say, that I would never imagine, his red cloak is capable of making me laugh to the point of crying.  I know Marvel films always include some good humour, but that a character of its own and I cried laughing because of it.  Overall, this film is actually pretty simple and straightforward with complex way of saving the world.  Well, a little more complex and elaborate than running around smashing building to save the city.  But definitely easy to understand, and light-hearted as well, so nothing too dark, typical of a Marvel's films.

Will I recommend this film?  Yes, even if you haven't been following Marvel films, it matters not because it's not that attached to other films.  It will...I have a feeling it will be more attached to Thor.  You will know why if you stay behind to watch the end credit scene.  There are two end credit scenes, so, do wait for them if you can.  If I am to rate this film from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I will give this film 7/10 ^_^  Until next time, toodles~

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